6th edition tau codex

Do you like seeing squad after squad of Fire Warriors get slapped to death by Conscripts? Dark Eldar do have a couple of upsides - with the right build, they are so mobile that the One Eye Open rule won't be a factor if you play intelligently, and they're very good at dictating when combat occurs, a very good sacrificial defense for your squishy gunlines. If you mind the the weeaboo aesthetic of the Tau battlesuits, Forge World makes variants of the Crisis and Broadside suits as well as a named commander that are more in line with the "high-tech aliens" look of the rest of the range. This is Games Workshops new rules supplement, which they've been supplying over Christmas one a day as part of an Advent promotion. Also, don't forget to fire the weapons that are on your 'fish.

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Your opponent won't have enough intercept to hit this otherwise untouchable deathstar.

Allows the model to fire at a different target from the rest of the unit. At the moment Farsight Enclaves can not take the following from forgeworld: And he ckdex trigger Night Fight, pin the shit out of a blob before the even get running, or fuck up tanks hiding at the edge of the board.

This tactic minimizes their place wdition the field in place of maximizing the more effective battlesuits. Only Drones that can be taken by more than one unit entry are discussed here. Useful if you get bogged down in combat and need to redeploy quickly. Certain targets need to be dropped at the earliest possible turn, then the rest of the enemy can be defeated in detail after that. Or screen shadow sun with them, jump shadowsun ahead, melta the enemy, then either jet thrust her behind the drones, or jet the drones ahead of her.

So to sum it all, Tau are now a power army.

Use against scouts, looted, eldest rangers, oblitorators and other tau. For the love of all that's holy don't counter charge with the other drones, your opponent has to be the ones to charge them. This little unit is like your meched out Don Corleone and his crew.

Warhammer 40,000/6th Edition Tactics/Tau

When transitioning over from your previous codex, you will note several things from the get-go:. Only be that guy who bring sin 5 Riptides in a point single force-org tournament if you know how to party. Move them together, the gun drones leading. Bear in mind you are free to build the configuration of the formation however you want. Three missiles wound and one fails to wound.

Be sure to bring your tearcups when facing large amounts of infantry, and even flyers wont be able to stand up to 1, pulse rifle shots a turn. Markerlights are what allow them to hit almost all the time, marker units lighting up the target and letting another unit slam that target with very specific fire-for-effect. Since the new codex, seeker missiles can be thrown on tanks in twos or a single one on broadsides for the tiny price of 8 points a pop.

Hordes of light vehicles? Stealth Suits too can do the Jump-shoot-jump tactic almost as well as the Crisis Suit for a lower cost. Big Daddy, Little Sister Shadowsun combined with a RipTide provide infiltrate, stealth, shrouded as well as a 3d6 jetpack move.

Cocex blaster drops and EMP grenades everywhere! If they overwhelm you with enough bodies and vehicles to soak up all your dakka and still keep coming, then do not be afraid to give ground and fall back, exition them further in and giving you a little more time to pour on the fire. Choppy Strike Squads can be a very effective screen for your squishy Tau. Preferably, more smaller-sized squads work better but let me explain why.

Read tau-6th-edition-codex

They are shooty fau much like your own army, but a bit slower, and can endure more beating through numbers. Tommy Gun Firewarriors Make a single Firewarrior squad vomit more shots than your opponent's army.

SMSs are great here, and vespids can actually do something in cities of death 12" movement, move through cover and stealth in ruins.

Tau fight better when they can set up a good cross-fire, so make sure to keep all infantry squads at least 6" away from each other so they can shoot an enemy from multiple directions. This is Games Workshops new rules supplement, which they've been supplying over Christmas one a day edution part of an Advent promotion. One Eye Open rule? Yes, you are thinking that "you can not cast psy powers on allies of convenience, only on battle brothers" and desiring xodex delete this, but wait a moment because Shield of Sanguinius is cast on the Librarian and affect any unit within 6" the Librarian.

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