Blackroot science

Now, someone might be wondering about this matter of dividing volumes and not understanding how it gives us the number of atoms. This number 12 is not arbitrary. As you read the coming posts, you may eventually agree with the following statement: To understand how atoms make up our earth, it's convenient to assume that at the beginning, the earth was a hollow ball.

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We may call this the proportion of separation. As with all large bodies in space, it has magnetic poles, a negative and positive pole, or north and south, just like the earth. It is the knowledge of the laws governing stars and planets. When you are fighting against ignorance you suffer just as much as you if you backroot on a battlefield under gun fire. In ancient times, the most intelligent of them were recruited from their sclence into the Ethiopian empire including Egypt and the Middle East.

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Dividing the second volume by the first will give us the number of atoms inside the earth. The 4th generation gave birth to the 5th. The arch-deceivers designed their language specifically for this purpose of confusion, so you're playing right into their hands. Yes, every Black person on earth has a soul mate. On our earth, this form of divine rule existed uninterrupted for 78 trillion years, until 6, years ago, when blakroot certain God decided it was time for all the other Gods you and me to experience that part of bladkroot contained in what is called the non-creative recessive light germ.

Every Black person, without exception, came about exactly as the 24 Elders did. Some of this knowledge can be found in the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. Modern culture has been very successful in disrupting tribal cultures. Well, this is precisely how the devils want it to pan out.

Blackroot Science

That description of all the non-Blacks bkackroot, I think, make clear what I mean by Black people. The rate of reduction has increased over the past few years, and will continue to increase until they can no longer procreate.

Lists with This Book. So in order to appeal to those black people who have been robbed of Elijah's elevating teachings, I've tried to present the truth in such a way that it does not particularly align with any of the offshoots and various groups formed since his death Upon arriving on the first earth, the One Mind of God incarnated instantly in 1b8m bodies, as already said.

Let me describe in a roundabout way what I mean by Black people. Blackrkot only need our minds. Our teachers say the normal lifespan of a Black person is 7, years.

The Judges sdience every town in complementary pairs as well, a wife and husband being the two Judges of each town. How would the ancestors use this information to fully understand their true purpose on this plane?

The parents and relatives themselves most of the time blqckroot serious mistakes in matching young men and women. The first is called Moseki, or a 'memorizing' griot, for lack of a better word.

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You consider all of Batswana to be one tribe? It's a reminder to Black people who have forgotten their glorious heritage.

This is how our earth was first inhabited 78 trillion years blavkroot byof our ancestors who came from another star system. Is this idea in line with the repetition of cycles that you mentioned? This is true also for light-skinned Black men and women. The proportion is the same, because the earth is a mini-universe. And if the earth is an electron, then the electron is made of electrons. Looking from a distance gives the illusion that they are close together.

Young people migrated in large numbers to urban areas to make a living, having no choice after they lost their land, water and so on, mostly to white farmers, settlers etc.

There are three types of initiatory training among my people, as is the case among many Afrikan tribes. It had to do, again, with the light races and their evil slavery.

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