Programming microsoft directshow for digital video and television

This function creates the video capture device list with a call to CDeviceList:: A digital camcorder is essentially a custom computer, designed to capture video imagery and audio, which it converts to a digital data stream. The two concluding chapters cover advanced topics that will interest dedicated DirectShow programmers:

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On the other hand, now is a good time to ask yourself an important question: For isochronous streaming transfer, 25 ms 20 percent is reserved for asynchronous control data, leaving 80 percent for the isochronous transfer units. This filter compresses audio and video streams using the powerful Windows Media Video codecs.

This method builds a fully functional filter graph that will display a preview from the selected video capture device in this case, the TV tuner in This document is created with the unregistered version of CHM2PDF Pilot the WinCap window.

Record method is invoked, which results in the invocation of CExtDevice:: Transform filters have been written to convert color video to black-and-white, resize video images, add an echo effect to an audio stream, and so on.

Programming Microsoft® DirectShow® for Digital Video and Television by Mark D. Pesce

Webcams are the low-tech end in the world of digital video. A typical consumer DV camcorder has a Mbps video stream, but there is additional overhead for audio and things televiaion packet headers. USB 1 has a top speed of 10 Mbps, which is not really enough to handle a data stream from a digital camcorder.

RenderStream will determine the best path between the input filter and the renderer filter. DirectShow provides a clean and concise interface to the camcorder for such basic operations as play, record, fast forward, and rewind. Renderer Filters A renderer filter translates a DirectShow stream into some form of output.

We want to do more than just get a preview from the digital camcorder; we want to be able to control it. After Web browsing and e-mail, video editing might be the next most compelling reason to purchase a new, powerful PC.

Programming Microsoft DirectShow for Digital Video, Television, and DVD

This window also prompts the user to press the Enter key to stop recording, at which point the filter graph is stopped and the application terminates. You can also examine the pin properties of connected pins, which will show you the actual media type of a pin-to-pin connection.

To the left of each list entry in the dialog box vigital a plus sign, which hides a list of DirectShow filters underneath. To begin with, the ATI TV Tuner filter acts as a control node where the programmer can set the tuner channel and adjust other hardware features of the tuner card. Every filter is required to publish the list of media types it can send or receive and a set of transport mechanisms describing how each filter wants the stream to travel from output pin to input pin.

Each pin on an audio input filter is an object in its own right and presents an IAMAudioInputMixer interface as one of its properties. When the filter graph is started, a data stream will flow from the output pin of one filter to the input pin of the other through the entire span of the filter graph.

Programming Microsoft DirectShow for Digital Video and Television - PDF Free Download

In normal operation, this stream of digital data is also immediately sent to the TV set. The object deletes itself whenever its reference count goes to zero which means it is no longer being used in the application. You can pause the filter graph by clicking Pause or stop it by clicking Stop. NET, and they provide the raw platform for prpgramming creation of Windows applications.

Programming Microsoft® DirectShow® for Digital Video and Television

If you have multiple execution threads in your application, each thread must be initialized separately. How can both statements be true simultaneously? Both have shipped as standard gideo of Microsoft operating systems since Windows Millennium Edition, and prlgramming of millions of people use them each day.

Ross Carruthers rated it really liked it Nov 01, These calls will create various objects needed by the application, such as filters. Once that interface has been instantiated and its media control interface has been queried, we move on to instance the Stream Buffer Engine Source filter, IStreamBufferSource, and its associated interfaces. Locating Pins and GetPin The local function GetPin allows us to locate input and output pins on a filter and retrieve the IPin interface that allows us to control the pins.

Finally one of the pins has to create an allocator, an object that creates and manages the buffers of stream data that the output pin uses to pass data along to the input pin.

The capability to produce broadcast-quality television or even feature films directshiw home is a big deal. These interfaces receive the messages that control various parameters, such as the decoding of closed captioning and the selection of a TV channel.

You can connect dugital pins directly, so long as their media types agree. Listen to the device before you begin to use it, and design your programs with the knowledge that sometimes these devices tell fibs.

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