Engineering mechanics iit lecture notes

Foundation in Physics PHM2. Energy conservation in rigid bodies -potential energy and elastic energy. Lectures 28 , 29 , and Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship.

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CE - Introductory Rock Mechanics. CE - Introduction to Civil Engg. CE - Geology and Soil Mechanics. Lectures 1617and Suggestions - We would like to be perfect everytime and you engineerinh are taking us closer to perfection!!

ME - Engineering Drawing.

AM - Engineering Mechanics - Civil IITM

CY - Chemistry 2. CS - Computational Engg.

Lectures 2526and Lectures 4041and CE - Building Drawing. Equilibrium of rigid bodies, free body diagram, Analysis of beams and trusses, Equilibrium of continuous systems -derivation of relation between load, shear force and bending moment.

Virtual work and Energy method: Lectures 3435and First and second moment of area; Radius of gyration; Parallel axis theorem; Product of inertia, Rotation of axes and principal moment of inertia; Moment of inertia of simple and composite bodies.

Engineering Mechanics Course Website. Foundation in Physics PHM2. CE - Advanced Structural Analysis. Difference between trusses, frames and beams, Assumptions followed in the analysis of structures; 2D truss; Method of joints; Method of section; Frame; Simple beam; types of loading and supports; Shear Force and bending Moment diagram in beams; Relation among load, shear force and bending moment.

CE - Mechanics of Materials.

Engineering Mechanics - modellingadvice.infona Kumar | NPTEL Online Videos, Courses - IIT Video Lectures

Quiz and Examination with solutions. Lectures 2829and Click to return to the main page. Lumped mass models in Dynamics -Particle motion in cylindrical coordinates, engineering applications of central force motion.

AM - Engineering Mechanics. CE - Geo-technical Engineering.

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. Department of Mechanical Engineering Room Number: HS - Development planning and project appraisal. Sem5 - At a glance.

CY - Chemistry 1. Kinetics of rigid bodies -translation and rotation motion of a rigid body, relative motion with translating and rotating axes and Coriolis acceleration. ME 2nd Semester.

Lectures 2223and Lectures 3132and L and Kraige L. Rectilinear motion; Curvilinear motion; Use of Cartesian, polar and spherical coordinate system; Relative and cons trained motion; Space curvilinear motion.

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