Hindu baby boy names in kannada language

Chitragupt God of Destiny. Indrajeet Lord Indra; Conqueror. Jaikapeesh Hail Monkey God. Devaraju God; King of God. Bhoopat Lord of the Earth.

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Pashunath Lord of Animals; Lord Shiva.

Bibhavasu The Sun; Fire. Kuberchand God of Wealth. Praneel A Name for Lord Shiva. Radhakrishna Radha and Krishna.

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Gunagya Knower of Virtues. Devappa Father of King. Durgesha Protector of Fort. Ishwar Powerful; The Supreme God. Madanmohan Attractive and Lovable. Ihsan Beneficence; Charity; Compassion; Kindness. Mahamati One with Big Brain; Ganesh.

Phanishwar King of Serpents. Bitasok One who does Not Mourn. Devakantha Beloved of the Gods.

Kapirath Lord Rama; Arjun. Ilashpasti Lord of the Earth. PushpMitra An Ancient Ruler.

Padmayani Lord Brahama; Lord Buddha. Bhogeesha The Lord of Shiva.

Prathamesh Lord Ganesha; Lord of the Best. Pitambara The Yellow or Golden Dressed.

Pashupati Lord Shiva's Incarnation. Priyadarshan Nice to Look at; Handsome. Jagadeep Light of the World. Mahapurush Great Being; Lord Rama.

Manikandan Another Name for Lord Ayyappa.

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Lalit Attractive; Lord of Krishna; Beautiful. Omkarnath Name of Lord Shiva. Pushpesh Lord of Flowers. PannGesh King of Serpents. Duranjaya A Heroic Son. Paurav Descendent of King Puru.

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Bhupen Kings of King. Baalaark The Rising Sun. Pratapavat Known for Valour.

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