Padi hand signals

If diving with strangers it is a good practice to agree on the signals you will use prior to the dive. Thanks for your support. When divers reach their target depth, they use this signal to indicate remaining at the current depth. Although the author has made every effort to ensure that the information on this website is correct, he does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or injury, including death, caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause. Need to remove your drysuit hose from your regulator before traveling to the tropics?

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It should not be confused with the this way signal. Move fist toward chest.

Scuba Diving Hand Signals - Underwater communication for recreational scuba divers

Signaals made money doing something I love. Extend your arm toward the source of danger. When divers reach their target depth, they use this signal to indicate remaining at the current depth. Need to remove your drysuit hose from your regulator before traveling to the tropics?

If you need to end the dive because of a certain issue or you're low on air, make sure skgnals signal that first. Get to know the Leafy Sea Dragon.

The training from PADI, and the opportunity to have all this experiences, it has been the best thing that could happened in my life.

Although listed here, this signal does not necessarily indicate a problem.

Vi el mundo de primer bocado. Something really sad is the bad conservation of the ocean, we all live here on planet earth, we have to do the right thing, we must! I later worked on a cruise ship and went to 96 Countries [including] Russia, Indonesia, and Greece.

The down signal is a question—response signal. Newsletter Please sign up to receive news, plus the latest deals and discounts! You can connect with Hernan at www. Never dive without proper training and certification! Move hand indicating the follower behind the hand indicating the leader. Feeling symptoms of nitrogen narcosis is no reason to panic, but it helps to let your buddy know what's going on so they can keep an eye on you and help keep you safe.

Well, I am from Venezuela, from a small town called San Antonio de los Altos, all my friends made fun because I am not that tall, and Altos means Tall. For whatever reason, you can't clear your ears. Why did you decide to become an instructor? Keep tabs on divers in your group by taking two fingers and drawing them to a flat hand. Attract attention by moving the light beam from side to side preferably within your buddies field of vision.

PADI Underwater Model Hernan Bermejo

Divers use this signal to alert a buddy of something. Technical and cave divers typically favor the clenched fist to indicate Stop. Scuba diving poses some inherent risk. This signal can be given in response to a question.

The don't signal is typically followed by another signal indicating the forbidden action. Point at your buddy first with that finger leading if you'd like him or her to take the lead. Teaching others has been a fascination. Repeatedly shake your raised forefinger from side to side. You see so many more cool signalx when everyone in the group keeps a sharp eye on the reef and communicates with the rest of the group.

PADI App – Hand signals

Divers experiencing problems clearing their ears when descending should ascend a little and try it again. PADI divers use this signal as a general purpose signal for indicating danger.

Place other hand perpendicular to the first, roughly pointing in the target direction. Clench one hand into a fist, leaving the thumb extended.

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