It has all the features but front end is not what according to the current market trend. Although I got everything working the very first day, over time I have discovered the hundreds of features VICIdial offers and how to set them and configure them. We were using our Internet connection in a completely new way, and it redefined how this call center conducted its business.

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This is the cheapest dialer in the Philippines but very convenient to use. It has a very detailed documentation for managers and agents.

It took about a month, but the owner of my call center broke all of his service agreements, sold vvicidial broken system, and moved completely over to Vicidial. Well the system is exactly the same, same operating system, same vicidial same asterisk, but I take advantage of many features now that I didn't even realize VICIdial had when I first installed it.

They offer a free and paid version of their manuals, the difference being the paid version having color and helpful images. Keep on developing this software, it is a niche in the future of telecommunications. We run seats on Vicidial both inbound and outbound. More Call Center Software. New revisions come out regularly, and new versions of the installer VICIbox are produced regularly, and they are new features vicodial, and the program keeps getting better and better!

Check out free and paid support. What is a predictive vicidiwl Although I got everything working the very first day, over time I have discovered the hundreds of features VICIdial offers and how to set them and configure them.

The Most Popular Open-Source Contact Center Solution in the World

Sixth, the hardware requirements are low. Database structure or format is my Isam Overall: To have a light admin version for mobile devices could be a plus, Also some additional reports vicidizl graphs doesn't hurt.

I get calls from call center owners looking to switch to VICIdial constantly. Very reliable and robust product. We have found the reporting feature of the software.

It is actually the best Opensource software for this purposes. Does what is says it does and does vicidal very well. Don't stop this awesome work Matt and his team.

Read More at joinhoney. They can be sorted based on multiple details, but most importantly by time vicixial. Phone login balancing and fail over across multiple vicidial servers, great!! Since IAS has installed this software we have found this to be a very useful tool. For critical call centre services, it is very easy to integrate it with existing High Availability solutions HAProxy.

VICIdial Software - Reviews, Pricing & Demo

We have found it very user friendly and, of course, vicidjal price is right. Amazing and very complete and elegant open source Call Center solution. In the begging i thought that was difficult, but after i use it and learn it, i recommend it to any call center. They even helped out with an issue that turned out not to be ViCiDial related. Thanks to it flexibility.

VICIDIAL Dialer - VoIP-Info

Open source, php, mysql based. Using it we are serving our customers. It consisted of several boxes that looked a bit like this, but each was far bigger, and even more dated in appearance:. We vicjdial able to provide our customers almost all features available in the commercial suites and keep a competitive price.

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