Outside of oral hearings, it may assign this task to a member of the Court, or may ask another court to do so with regard to specific facts and individuals. A copy of the judgment, including the reasons, shall be sent to the Bundestag, the Bundesrat, and the Federal Government. Two-thirds of their remuneration as professors shall be credited against their remuneration as Justices of the Federal Constitutional Court. Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable.

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In the event of a tied vote, the Court cannot establish a violation of the Basic Law or other federal law.

» Federal Constitutional Court Act (Bundesverfassungsgerichts-Gesetz, BVerfGG) German Law Archive

The Complaints Chamber shall decide without an oral hearing. The omitted legal act shall be carried out within this period; complainants who do so may be granted reinstatement without a formal request. Erkennt das Bundesverfassungsgericht auf Entlassung aus dem Amt oder auf Anordnung der Versetzung in ein anderes Amt oder in den Ruhestand, so wird das Disziplinarverfahren eingestellt; im anderen Falle wird es fortgesetzt.

Impeachment proceedings may only be initiated within three months after the circumstances on which they are based became known to the entity having legal ability to file an application. Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Law: Sie bverfvg mit einer Hverfgg von zwei Dritteln der Stimmen wiederholt werden.

They may join the proceedings at any time. The motion for impeachment shall only be admissible within six months of the final completion of the judicial proceedings in which the federal judge was claimed to have committed the violation. Compensation for such a disadvantage may only be claimed if the circumstances of the individual case do not permit a different kind of redress, such as in particular a declaration that the duration of proceedings was excessive.

Applicants and respondents may only be: Applications for information from or access to files of the Federal Constitutional Court that are filed outside of proceedings and that concern personal data shall be governed by the Federal Data Protection Act unless the provisions set out below stipulate otherwise.

Federal Constitutional Court Bferfgg.

Municipalities and associations of municipalities may lodge constitutional complaints claiming that federal or Land law violates Art. Two-thirds of their remuneration as professors shall be credited against their remuneration as Justices of the Federal Constitutional Court.

The Verzoegerungsruege must be submitted nverfgg writing, explaining why the proceedings are considered to be excessively long.

Federal Constitutional Court Act (Bundesverfassungsgerichts-Gesetz, BVerfGG)

The request shall be substantiated in the application itself or during the proceedings. You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.

The preparatory investigation shall be conducted by a Justice of the Senate that is not responsible for the principal proceedings. In the operative part of the decision, the Federal Constitutional Court may at the same time decide on a point of law that is essential for interpreting the provision of the Basic Law on which the declaration referred to in sentence 1 depends.

If an oral hearing has been held, the decision as well as the main reasons for it shall be publicly pronounced. A respectful treatment of one another is important to us.

The presiding Justices of the Senates cannot be designated as substitutes. Jede Kammer besteht aus drei Richtern. Upon their appointment they shall cease to be members of such organs. Lebensjahr vollendet hat oder.

The application to reopen the case shall not suspend the effect of the judgment. Should I leave the abbreviation in the citations bvergg give a footnote or translate in full every time?

English-German Dictionary

The witness or expert may not plead an obligation to maintain secrecy if the Federal Constitutional Court with a two-thirds majority of its members declares that the refusal to grant permission to testify is unfounded. My method is this: A constitutional complaint may not be lodged with the Federal Constitutional Court if Land law permits the complainant to lodge a gverfgg against the violation of the right to self-government with the Land constitutional court.

Swedish PRO pts in pair: Die Beteiligten haben das Recht der Akteneinsicht. Translation with kind permission by the Federal Constitutional Court.

December Copyright year: If a group of individuals initiates the proceedings, or if proceedings are initiated against such a group, the Federal Constitutional Court may order that the group exercise its rights, especially its bvertgg to attend hearings, by appointing one or more representatives.

The Federal Constitutional Court may also permit another person to act as adviser to a party.

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