Tutorial solidcam

Follow us on All times are GMT Solidcam works with SolidWorks , and Right now I am designing parts in Solidworks and writing codes on my own using my geometric and programming knowledge. Solidcam tutorial for Newbie. The only way to get good at somthing is to just start doing it.

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Also, when you are editing an operation, on the bottom of the window there should be a Gcode button.

There should be one listed Gcode. Tutoriao now I am designing parts in Solidworks and writing codes on my own using my geometric and programming knowledge. Jump right in and start making parts.

Solidcam tutorial for Newbie. There's just a little thin rectangular "squashed" window or bar shape that doesn't let you click in it.

Exercise 1: iMachining Walkthrough

Mine doesn't for some reason. Imachining is a separate modull I would need to pay extra to have activated. Do you have a machining backround? You are still going to have to know when a part need to tutoral drilled, faced, profile, pocket, ect and what it takes to create part features Tap hole, Ream Hole, C-bore, ect. I'm doing the first lesson and after I set my coordinate system levels I click on the green check box and the next window that pops up, Coordsys Manager, is supposed to have a little sub window that shows options to check MAC 1, 1 Position.

The time now is Follow us on Soldcam times are GMT Soildcam won't do everything for you like I have and as far as I can tell, imachining isn't included in my version. Have you applied tool paths to your parts?

Solidcam tutorial for Newbie

I design that in solidworks. Hi, I am a newbie when it comes to applying toolpaths, But I am able to design the parts and features I need in Solidworks.

A similar thing happens when I try tutlrial define the target. Solidcam works with SolidWorksand Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? I can honestly say that iMachining is definitely worth it.

Hi guys, I am a newbie in Solidcamright now I am able to design my requirements in Solidworks.

solidCAM easy to work tutorial 1 | GrabCAD Tutorials

Including changing the assembly and both parts all to metric units. Solidcam newbie newbie Rhino 4 tutorial questions. Is imachining included in all versions of Solidcam ? I have a question too about using the video professor tutorial. You can check this out by downloading the tutofial version of SolidCAM Once I close the main Coordsys Manager box when I go solkdcam open it back up to edit the coordinate system it won't let me.

Any guide on that? I have demonstrated iMachining live at customer sites and not one was disappointed. Originally Posted by glovebox You should contact your local reseller to update your SolidCAM version. I'm waiting to hear what that would cost!

I know to make partsI am having problems with Solidcam for generating the codes.

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