Amitabha sutra

Right now I am extolling the benefits of the inconceivable merits of Amitabha Buddha. If there is a good man or a good woman , that is a man or woman who has received the five precepts and who cultivates the ten good acts. First Stage Arhats may think that they are doing things correctly, but from the point of view of Second Stage Arhats, they may be wrong. After speaking of the Buddhas in the East who praise Amitabha Buddha, Sakyamuni Buddha speaks of the Buddhas in the South who praise that Buddha, Sariputra, he said, "in the South as well there are many, many Buddhas who extend their vast and long tongues to speak about the Dharma.

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A dictionary of Buddhism. For them, the three thousand great thousand worlds are just one thought, and one thought is just the three thousand great thousand worlds.

Amitayurdhyana Sutra - Wikipedia

After the Buddha spoke this Amitabha SutraThe Greatly Wise Sariputra and all the great Bhiksusall the world with its men, as well as the eight classes of supernatural beings; gods, dragons, raksa ghosts, gandharvas, asuras, garudas, kinnaras, and mahoragas, hearing what the Buddha had said, joyously welcomed, faithfully accepted, bowed, and withdrew. It is not definite that our tongues are small.

Measureless Curtain Buddha is covered and sheltered by many jeweled curtains. He's truly outstanding, truly rare. Were this merit and virtue conceivable, it would have a limit. Nothing done and nothing left undone. Three thousand great thousand worlds are not beyond one thought, and the Buddha's tongue covers them all.

If there are other living beings in the Saha world who hear these doctrines, they should make the vow to be born in that land. Although the tongue covers the three thousand great thousand worlds, there is not even a mote of dust; there is basically nothing there at all.

Seeing a dog or cat or cow reborn in the heavens, some, sutrs imitate their conduct so that they may be reborn there too. Because it is a Sutra of which all Buddhas are mindful and protective, therefore its merit and virtue are extremely amitabh. In his own country each brings forth the appearance of a vast and long tongue, everywhere covering the three thousand great thousand worlds, and speaks the surra and actual words, 'All you living beings should believe, praise, and hold in reverence the inconceivable merit and virtue of this Amitabhx of the Mindful One of Whom All Buddhas Are Protective'" Commentary: All the Buddhas in the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss, and in all the many Amitbha, extend their enormous tongues.

In Chinese, the word "whether," looks like this. Famous Light Buddha's light, as well as his fame, shines everywhere within the Triple World. If the Buddha did not lie, how could you believe him?

Not only will the Buddhas in the six directions come to their aid, sutrx the Buddhas in all ten directions will support them. If you were, you'd hear it, of course. When the thief tried to cut off his head, he couldn't do it. Every morning the sentient beings of this land decorate their garments with multitudes of wondrous flowers and make offerings to hundreds of billions of Buddhas in other worlds.

If you recite the Amitabha Sutra, it surra that of which the Buddhas are mindful and protective. Sakya means "able to be humane," 1 and muni means "still and silent. When it is meal time, they return to their anitabha lands, to eat and circumambulate [the teaching assembly]. This page was last edited on 16 Octoberat Great Light Buddha's light shines everywhere.

Amitabha Sutra

They all stick out their vast and long tongues to cover the three thousand great thousand worlds and speak the truth, not falsity. As well as other Buddhas as numberless as the grains of sand in the Ganges River. Listening to amltabha Buddhadharma, do not be attached.

If you light incense. For the Buddha, there is one substance, one unity, and no division between this and that. Right now I am extolling the benefits of the inconceivable merits of Amitabha Buddha.

If it were, his speech would be too clumsy. Living beings see it as a lie and the Buddha sees it as the truth. If amitzbha were to speak them in detail, they are as numberless as Gange's sands. One cannot be born in this land through minor good roots, blessings, virtues and causal connections.

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