Backgammon anleitung

Take a look at the GNU home page. Do a legal move with 41 this is just to get the analysis of the roll, and the best legal move. Open this by checking Window? A square with a 1 , means that a single game resignation is offered, a 2 that a gammon resignation is offered, and a 3 , means that a backgammon is offered. Each player has a maximum of 15 checkers in play not yet borne off which require a 1 bit wherever they are positioned.

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This just means that those 16 moves selected from the 0-ply are sent instead to be analysed at 1-ply, and then up to 5 moves from 1-ply will be sent to be analysed at 2-ply.

To do this, specify accept 2 moves in the anleitumg filters you use for analysis.

For post-mortem analysis it may be worthwhile to ensure that GNU Backgammon analyses at least two moves at the specified ply. Keep in mind that this will also decrease the playing speed. The rollout function has an enormous number of options, most of which are only useful when trying to investigate special positions.

First Play Both - select Expert here for fast rollouts or World Class for slower but more accurate ones. For money game this is simply the number of points won or lost during the game or match. Backgammno to describe exactly what happens before the error occurs. For the position above and using Woolsey's match equity table the live cube take point are:. A move filter for a given ply, say, 2-ply, consists of four parameters for each sub ply:.

Based on the luck rate per move GNU Backgammon will assign you a humorous luck rating. Move is the move being evaluated. To start the game, each player throws a single die.

Backgammon Rules

When neither number can bxckgammon used, the player loses his turn. A left or right click sets up a certain amount of checkers depending on where exactly on the pip you click. This is the same as Snowie 2 ply. GNU Backgammon 's evaluation algorithms does take the score into account.

If you want to decline the double, you can right click on the cube.

GNU Backgammon will also read the bearoff databases at start-up. You may download it for free. If you want to analyse the position and then be able to amleitung the position and the analysis results you should rather do a move and then click back to the move and then choose Analyse?

Here follows a short description of what each of the buttons does:. Native language support; 13 languages are complete or in progress: It will come as no surprise that a rollout with a limited number of trials follows exactly the same procedure. Playing at 2-ply it will take each of those positions and make all the opponent moves for all possible rolls the 2nd ply and then analyse the resulting positions.

So to calculate the live cube take points for a 1-cube at to 7 we need the live cube take points for the 4-cube and the 2-cube. The game record window can also be docked into the right side panel. The game analysis is a summary for the current game whereas the match or session statistics is a summary of all the games in the match or session. Here you define the playing strength of GNU Backgammon.

Currently, you can choose between three different sets of pictures:. There is also a keyboard shortcut, Ctrl-S, for saving a match or session.

Note that setting the turn sets the turn before the dice has been rolled. A player who rolls doubles plays anelitung numbers shown on the dice twice.

Red's checkers move in the opposite direction. For gammon-free positions, e.

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