Bank of america short sale addendum 2012

I don't look back on this same Trulia thread for answers posted after mine. Wed Jul 25, The first phase is processing. I know a guy who agree with a modification with Bank of America.

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Why not offer all of them moving expenses across the board as part of the short-sale settlement? Those who have said that B of A has improved their short sale process, making transactions faster and smoother has got their head up their butt.

Short-Sale Addendum Aims at Fraud, BofA Says

BoA has the worst industry reputation particularly as it relates to short Sales transactions. It sounds that seller snort a mistake by not position your offer first to the new agent. The bank will then negotiate the offer and then accept, counter or decline it. You evidently do not understand the secondary market where the investors are. Another tree to cut down. That was a new one. Where Does the Buck Stop?

He is co-author of The Ark Law Group: Also the mortage lady sorry don't know the proper name said there was another offer on the house as well but she informed us we had a better credit score.

I am speaking from experience while I have been making trial payments for 14 months and come to find out i am denied for not making my trial payments.

How long does a Bank of America short sale approval take?

2021 lenders are requiring this addendum. And, as everyone knows, valuation can be something of an inexact science. It is not up to them, this should be clearer.

Fri Jun 15, It could take 3 to 6 months for the approval. The process can still take anywhere from 30 to 45 days, and in some cases even a bit longer.

Fraud prevention is a good thing! Another detail that I found quite weird was that the listing agent also our realtor? Your parents must be patience if they want this property. You can find other tips on negotiating your own short sale with BofA hereincluding what to do in a value dispute with the lender, specific instructions on escalation procedure if the person assigned to your file is dragging their feet, and more.

For a buyer basically, there's three representation agencies: Marcus from Killeen Texas.

They purposely make it difficult to get a short sale through. Give us a call today to see how we can help you. Then the lender will assign a Closer to complete the short sale. Because this shory all a game.

Short-Sale Addendum Aims at Fraud, BofA Says

Short Sales are difficult and very emotional. Bank of America is very slow in completing their short sales. If I am selling my house and I have a listing agent selling my house, I will still pay her commission if he buys the house himself.

The Closer is the person who will issue your final HUD approval at the closing of the transaction. As a matter of fact, the bank hasn't even ordered an appraisal on the house yet.

The approval to participate was issued in November, yet nothing. In most cases shhort the owner has had a health issue the bank is violating HIPAA Laws by asking for sape and insisting the homeowner discribe their medical hardship. Most short sales time tables are dependent on the ability of B of A to contact and communicate with who actually owns the note. Then last, they can also cut some of the principal balance.

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