Ccs pension rules 1972

Second wife not entitled to the family pension as a legally wedded wife under the Hindu Marriage Act. Manner of payment of gratuity and pension. Counting of pre-retirement civil service in the case of re-employed Government servants. The Government would like to ensure that retiring employees should on their retirement normally receive the final sanction of pensionary benefits. Minimum and Maximum amount of pension enhanced from

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As the next stage of the actual preparation of pension papers is reached only after a year and four months, there is ample time for ascertaining all kinds of Government dues.

Conditions for payment of pension on absorption consequent upon conversion of a Government Department into a Central autonomous pensiob or a Public Sector Undertaking. Provisions also exist that on completion of 25 years qualifying service or on one being left with five years service before the date of retirement, whichever is earlier, the Head of Office should verify the service rendered by such Government servant and communicate to him the period of qualifying service as determined vide Rule 32 of the CCS Pension Rules, Disciplinary proceedings can continue after retirement even in case where there is no pecuniary loss to Pensipn.

Key Instructions For Banks. Computation of average emoluments for the period of leave prior to retirement without return to parent department while on reversion from deputation.

Department of Pensions and Pensioners' Welfare

Counting of service in the case of civilians working in lieu of combatants. Family Pension admissible Calculations to be shown as follows: Pension admissible Calculations to be shown as follows: The Study Team has observed that this option has not been exercised at all in many cases and the retiring person could not get his pension in time due to one or the other objection.

Counting of war service rendered before civil employmen. Stages for the completion of pension papers. Grant of cent per cent provisional pension under Rule 69 mandatory even if departmental or judicial proceedings are continued. Currency in which pension is payable.

Pre-appointment training period counts as qualifying service. Forfeiture of service on dismissal or removal.

Maximum Limit of Gratuity raised to Rs. Regulation of past cases of family pension admissible to children born after retirement. The amount of licence fee recoverable for 2 now 4 months period of retention allowed after retirement, is also to be intimated simultaneously.

Provisional pension where departmental or judicial proceedings may be pending. Average emoluments for pension as indicated in PPO. Family pension is like any other pension and recoveries of dues whether Government or non-Government are not permissible from it without obtaining the consent of the pensioner.

In such cases, while he could be reasonably asked to show that he had indeed made the contributions, the administrative authority should show a spirit of reasonableness and accommodation in evaluating and accepting such evidence as he is able to put forward, and not penslon rigidly on formal proof with reference to service or accounts records for the maintenance of which the Government servant is not responsible.

Payment of family pension and death gratuity when a Government servant dies while on deputation. Manner of payment of gratuity and pension. The matter has been examined in consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor-General of India and the Controller-General of Accounts and it is felt that there is need for the pensioner to be supplied with details leading to the computation of pension.

No limitation on civil pension for re-employed military pensioners drawing separate military pension. Counting of oension service rendered before civil employment. Procedure for the refund of excess recovery of licence fee to retired Government servants. When full-fledged enquiry is held no further opportunity to show-cause necessary before imposing cut in pension. A revised format Form-7 is enclosed Annexure.

Thereafter the Departments are at liberty to finalise the pension account of the individual. Sometimes the Department fails to deposit the licence fee even though they have actually recovered the same from the officer occupying the accommodation in question. Preparation of pension papers. Refund of amount is normally made only through the office under whom the Government servant concerned served last, and the Head of the Office concerned should ensure that over-payments, if any, already written off are set off against such refunds.

Action to be initiated immediately on receipt of intimation of death without waiting for formal death certificate.

Provided that in case a period of service is incapable of being verified, it shall be pensiln to the notice of the referring Head of Office simultaneously.

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