Cheikh ahmadou bamba

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Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba - The founder of the Muridiyya

Describing this painful period of the meeting of two opposed worlds, the European world of technicity and modernity and the dark African world of emotion, Cheikh Amidou Kane, in his book entitled, The Ambiguous Adventurewrote: Journal of the American Academy of Religion.

At that time little did the disciples know that seven years would go by before they saw their spiritual guide again. This movement would slowly become the most effective weapon in battling the devastating social effects of imperialism. His impeccable character, brilliance, and piety made him the most prominent scholar of West Africa in his time.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. His poems weighed in total about seven tons. By then his disciples had started seeing in the personality of the Sheik the guide that they needed. The defeated Africans never understood what happened.

In the political sphere, Ahmadou Bamba led a pacifist struggle against French colonialism while trying to restore a purer practice of Islam insulated from French colonial influence. He started teaching them how bamab acquire a correct Muslim personality based on the teaching of the prophet Muhammad, his Master and guide.

Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba was a religious leader who ahmadu a prodigious quantity of poems and tracts on meditation, rituals, work, and Quranic study.

Talking about this very place, he once wrote in one of his poems: Bamba traditionally mixed coffee and spices together for medicinal purposes, and served it to his followers. Cheikh Chsikh Bamba prayed two rakkats in the Governor's office before addressing the Council, declaring his firm intention to be subjected to God alone.

Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacké

Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba's days are celebrated in the major cities of the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and Rome where chiekh Murid communities organise annual events during which they chant the poems of the Sheik and read the Holy Coran. With this symbolic prayer and stance in the sanctuary of the deniers of Islam, Bamba came ahmadouu embody a new form of nonviolent resistance against the bamb of colonial evangelists.

French accounts of this event even exist, similar to the account of Jesus walking on water. This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat Some two or three years later, when the disciples started to believe that the Sheik was dead, that same woman showed them the poem and said:.

International Sufi School

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. March 13, at 4: A month later they took him aboard a ship bound for Gabon, which was at ahadou time a dense tropical forest where all the people who resisted the colonisers' supremacy were deported to and kept in total isolation.

Celebrations like these create platforms to "redefine the boundaries of their African identities, cope with the stigma of blackness, and counteract an anti-Muslim backlash".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. These poems are extraordinary in terms of beauty and innovation in the way he rhymed them. The fact that the Sheik sent them a letter declaring that he was not concerned about anything that belonged to this perishable world did nothing to ease the mind of the colonisers.

He led a pacifist struggle against the French colonial empire while not waging outright war on the French like several prominent Tijani marabouts had done. Such defined his spiritual station, which cultivated in his exile that ultimately lead to a spiritual victory over imperialism.

He was successful, however, in his pacifist revival of the Senegalese Islamic identity. In a poem dedicated to Touba, Shaykh Amadou Bamba wrote: Freedom-Fighter and Saint of Senegal: The French believed that doing so would help the Senegalese forget the impeccable service of Amadou Bamba. Touba has become flourishing city of remembrance of God which also is the most financially stable city in Senegal.

In what is reported to be his greatest physical miracle, Shaykh Amadou Bamba was in chains in transit on a boat to Gabon. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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