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Mauris congue suscipit dolor, id auctor ligula lobortis a. Further, do not move too much from one side to the other and you stop, do not open your legs too much. Use comparisons, examples, statistics, testimonies, finally everything that can confirm your presentation contents.

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In the second part, develop the main topic following what was prepared. Newsletter Assine nossa newsletter e fique por dentro dos artigos, novidades e cursos do Instituto.

Ask questions when you want the answer. No technique can be more important than naturalness.

Thus, you will have the authority to make and keep your audience interested and involved with your speech. Speak in an adequate pitch for each environment. Use comparisons, examples, statistics, testimonies, finally everything that can confirm your presentation contents.

Apology yourself for having reihaldo physical injury flu, cold, headache, etc. Tell in a single phrase the subject to be approached. Do not speak too fast. Tell them a brief story that has a narrow relationship to your message. Mauris sed magna nibh.

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All grammar points must be correct, but essentially, review the verbs concordance and conjugation. For this purpose, you may use some of the following hints:. Mauris congue suscipit dolor, id auctor ligula lobortis a.

So many people hesitate in building phrases because they have doubts about concordance or a given verb conjugation. Suspendisse vestibulum dui libero, sit amet feugiat velit iaculis vel. Take a chance to make a comment about someone in the audience or that has just spoken, or even about something the listeners are aware of.

Use a phrase that causes impact. Additionally, read more books from good authors and attentively observe how they build phrases.

On the other hand, it is not recommended the use of a vocabulary full of difficult words that most of the time can not be understood.

If you speak too low, people that are far from you will not understand your reinaldl and will not pay attention. When speaking, try not to put the hands in the pocket, on your back, cross the arms and do not even lie down on the table, chair or counter.

English Spoken - Reinaldo Polito

Use emotion in your reonaldo Speak enthusiastically, vibrate with your message, let emotion and interest show in your words and actions. Leave arms naturally free above the waist line and do not gesticulate excessively. Also, do not speak too slow, with too long pauses, otherwise listeners will be bored.

If you do not seem to be interested in what you are saying, your audience will not be interested too. Use a tape recorder to better know how fast you speak and decide what your best style reinald.

Speak in a good speed Do not speak too fast. Do not also act in the opposite way, not reinaldl your head too much or keeping your chest in rigid position. Together we go for it; One swallow does not make a summer, etc. The introduction At the beginning, try to conquer the listeners by eliminating their difficulties and conquering their interest and attention.

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When speaking, look to everyone to make sure they are listening and paying attention to your words. Reading is one of the best way to learn. However, never forget to speak with enthusiasm and thrill.

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