Rice husk ash concrete blocks

The sand was obtained from natural source by dredging from the Maikunkele riverbed Maikunkele, Nigeria. Test results indicate that the compressive strength for all the mixes containing AHA increases with age up to the day hydration period but decreases to the day hydration period while the conventional concrete increases steadily up to day hydration period. A survey by raw materials research and development Council of Nigeria on available local building materials reveals that certain building materials deserve serious consideration as substitute for imported ones [2].

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The content was demoulded in the concrete laboratory as rcie fresh hollow block. Test result indicates that mixes with greater RHA content requires greater water content to achieve a reasonable workability. One of the major focus of Johor State government is to build affordable housing.

They mainly rie firewood as heat source and as such one hundred percent of the rice husk from the mill is a waste. The deviation might be due to the different material composition in the samples. The compressive strength of some commercial sandcrete blocks in MinnaNigeria was investigated.

The increased water demand is as a result of increased carbon content. For the purpose of this study, about one hundred and eight mmxmm hollow sandcrete blocks were produced.

The reaction between cement and water is exothermic leading to liberation of heat and evaporation of moisture and consequently stiffening husj the paste. Average weight of blocks Kg. The magnesium oxide content was 1. The resulting mortar was transferred to the steel hollow mould to half the depth.

This was in agreement with the zsh in [5]. So as ash is introduced in to the mix, the carbon content increases and the water requirement also increases. This is because the carbon content of Burham cement is very small compared to that in rice husk ash. This was due to the carbon content of the rice husk ash. The results obtained comply with the grading limit of zone 1 and therefore are suitable for bllcks work [10].

The initial and final setting times increases with increase in rice husk ash content. This is in agreement with the results obtained in [8]. The value obtained is higher than 3.

The slight difference in percentage composition might have resulted from bloocks method of preparation of the ash and the species of the rice used. It was concluded that the addition of husk reduces the compressive strength of the bricks and the husk clay bricks becomes lighter as the percentage of husk clay increases.

The compressive strength of the block samples was determined in accordance with the standard procedure clncrete pre-cast concrete blocks. It will also drastically reduce the cost of production and consequently the cost of construction works. Sieve Size [mm] 5 2.

Lightweight Concrete Blocks for Affordable Housing Using Rice Husk Ash

The unburnt carbon it-self is not pozzolanic and its presence serves as filler to the mixture. PNiger State, Nigeria p. The sand was poured on to the concrete floor in the concrete laboratory. This result is in consonant with the work [5]. The main objective of this study was to use rice husk ash, an agricultural residue produced by the local adh industry as the substitute for the production of lightweight concrete blocks for the construction of low cost housing in Johor.

This indicates that Acha husk produces greater unburnt carbon compound compared to rice husk. At the 28 days hydration period the range of strength obtained was 4.

Lightweight Concrete Blocks for Affordable Housing Using Rice Husk Ash

Bulk density depends on how densely the practices are packed. The weights of the block samples were always taken before the compressive strength test was conducted. The followings shed light on the research works on the utilization of rice husk and rice husk ash as a partial replacement material or stabilizing agent in building works.

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