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Updates, New Suite of Standards: I could not find the section where it mentions iterative process. Platforms built prior to this were designed to a wide variety of criteria and fabrication techniques. The 21st edition was issued in December , Supplement 1 in December , Supplement 2 in September , and Supplement 3 in October Proceedings of an international conference Oceanology:

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Figure 1 shows the evolution of offshore platform design in the Gulf of Mexico that has been based upon a combination of events such as hurricanes, development of standards such as API, and advances in industry practices.

Generally, API standards are reviewed and revised, reaffirmed, or withdrawn at least every five years. As I say it was a while ago I needed to do one of these calculations.

Attached is the hand calculation.

Pro's help file, Staad. The value to be provided will be the actual gap between the brace members at the joint. Further dissecting the term Qf and capacitythe only term I think that varies is the A, Py and Mp term.

I checked and verified that the joint type determined is rp2z to hand calculation. Hi, I have a simple model under force and moment loading.

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Appreciate if you would be kind enough to point me to the correct section. Proceedings of an international conference Diverless and Deepwater Techology: May I know how are these calculated?

This is indicated by the K, X, and Y column values being set to 0, 0, and 1 respectively. In the process of making editorial revisions, it became obvious that some technical revisions were also needed. PUN is created by the program, a default joint Class Y is assumed for the initial joint checks.

I have asd simple model under force and moment loading. When the joint data file.

SS: New API Codes: Updates, New Suite of Standards: API RP 2A-WSD, the 23rd Edition - OnePetro

Proceedings of an International Conference Submersible Technology: Platforms installed since the early 's provide a more robust design and incorporate many of the lessons learned during the design, installation and operation of earlier platforms. An overlap can be specified by setting the gap to a negative value. Pro assigns the type rp2q joint automatically and calculates the required parameters per API code.

The overlapping brace in this case can then be indicated by specifying the member number at the OBRACE Overlapping brace column in the data file. Background The design process has matured since platforms were first installed in the late 's.

Tubular joint check per API RP 2A-WSD (21st Edition)

Sorry I can't help more, I wxd recall it is kind of a messy procedure so use it as rarely as possible. The program will verify pr2a the supplied contributions sum to 1. It's been a while since I have done the tubular joint stuff, as I recall it is an iterative process where you have to make an estimate of some parameters on the first run, and then alter them based on those results and run it again.

If the joint has a gap i.

Offshore Technology Conference Disciplines 4. Log in to your subscription Username. Sheriff's Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, fourth edition. The only thing that I did not get to match is the Qf and capacity information.

API RP2A WSD / PTS / Lifting Analysis - N.A.S.R.U.L DESIGN

Proceedings of an international conference Oceanology: For the most part, factors that Staad. Advanced search Show search help. Peer reviewed only Published between:

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