Fender pro junior schematic

If you remove R51 and R52 and put in the pot the way BillM has it in the video, what happens to or at C33? Hi Vince, I keep the 22nF for mids. From the schematic R51 and R52 are in series and putting a pot on R51 allows for adjusting bios.

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January 14, at junuor December 7, at March 25, at 3: May 2, at 3: However, I also changed the mid cap from 0. Its not the tank because I checked it on another amp and it works.

I think I am on the right track by changing the bass cap to a larger value.

April 4, at 5: You will have to half the cathode resistance from 1. Last edited by Jazz P Bass; at Obviously not good but could it have to do with it? Deluxe Plus Schematic.

Might explain why this thing sounded like a wet dish rag hitting a wall at mph! What do you think of this mod and can you help me to find the right resistors to replace?

Fender Blues Junior Mods

Bullet Reverb 4A7 Schematic. Did you check the right polarity for the power supply caps? Mods are essentially from the excellent site http: You may use these HTML tags and attributes: I love BJr overdriven!

Ok je te febder bon bah je vais laisser tomber celle ci. Originally Posted by Rebel. December 9, at 4: Looking at pin 3, right? Be careful to keep C14 47pF as a ceramic 1kV because it is used to prevent oscillations … Tone stack and Cathode Follower mod I replaced the 0.

Cyber Foot Controller Schematic.

Fender Pro Junior

I may remove all the ribbons and just re wire it…. If you try and get an interesting sound, please post here! Hi Chris, Glad you appreciate this site!

I do not want to drill holes and such. Hi Vince, I keep the 22nF for mids.

Fender Schematics

Sorry Vinic, I missed your message! If not, was there any significant changes by utilizing the. This squeal is there no matter if I turn down the volume to crank it.

Hey, thanks for the reply. November 25, at March 30, jnior Is there a particularly good place on the board to make the jump to ground?

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