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My work and observations on a large number of women all go to show that this curve does not represent the waves of woman's sex-tides. Sometimes for the whole of as many as, or even more than, three days she may be ardently and quite naturally stimulated, while at another time the same woman, if she is tired or overworked, may be conscious of desire for only a few hours, or even less. They overlook the innumerable physiological reactions concerned in the act, as well as the subtle spiritual alchemy of it, and propound the view that "the opposition to continence, save for procreation only, has but one argument to put forward, and that is appetite, selfishness.

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These secretions are not passed out through external ducts but enter the blood-system directly.

Stopes was clearly a true romantic at heart. Most women have never realized intellectually, but many have been dimly loge, that woman's nature is set to rhythms over which man has almost no more control than he has over the tides of the sea.

And even in books on advanced Physiology and Medicine the gaps, the omissions lovr even the misstatements, are amazing. He feels that she is at times inexplicably cold; that, sometimes, when he has "done nothing" she will have tears in her eyes, irrational tears which she cannot explain.

Married Love/Chapter 6

The relation between the completion of the sex-act and sleep in woman is well indicated in the case of Mrs. Our code, however, has blindly sacrificed not only the woman, but with her the happiness of the majority of men, who, in total ignorance of its meaning and results, have grown up thinking that women should submit to regularly frequent, or even nightly, intercourse.

There are a good many slight variations among us, ranging from a three to a five stipes "month," but the majority of the women of our race have a moon-month of twenty-eight days, once during which comes the flow of menstruation. They have been deeply studied of late, and the general name of Hormones given to them by Starling.


Curve showing the depressing effects on the "wave-crests" of fatigue and overwork. And so mystic and wonderful are the chemical transformations going on in our bodies that the brain can often set this alchemy in motion, particularly if the brain is helped by knowledge. For several years her husband had unions with her which gave him some satisfaction and left him marrued at once wtopes sleep. Each heart knows instinctively that it is only one's mate who can give full comprehension of all the potential greatness in one's soul, and have tender laughter for all the child-like wonder that lingers so enchantingly even in the white-haired.

Married Love - Wikipedia

Thus we know that the stimulus of food in the stomach sends a chemical substance from one ductless gland in the digestive stopws chasing through the blood to another gland which prepares a different digestive secretion further on. Married Love by Marie Stopes Chapter 6: According to this curve, woman's vitality rises during the few days before menstruation, sinks to its lowest ebb during menstruation and rises shortly after, and then runs nearly level till it begins to rise again before the next menstrual period.

The enlargement of the penis is not at all due to the presence of actual semen, but is due to the effects stops the nervous reaction on the blood vessels, leading to the filling, principally, of the veins, and of the arteries.

Partly or wholly unconscious of the brilliance and full perfection of her beauty, she yet delights in its gentle promptings to reveal mqrried to her lover's eyes when he adores. What is a man to do? If that is so, it can only be because, consciously or unconsciously, they have broken mraie of the profound laws which govern the love of man and woman.

Man's penis, when quiet and unstimulated, is soft, small and drooping.

Married Love by Marie Stopes

There are many women, however, who do not feel, or who may not at first recognize, a second, but have only one time of natural pleasure in sex in each moon-month.

Such secretions passing straight from the ductless glands into the vascular system are of very great importance in almost all our bodily functions. Views Read Edit View history. Well done Marie Stopes.

One loge be sacrificed. Thus she may see in the man going off to sleep in the midst of her love-talk, a gross and inattentive brute — and all because she has never shared the climax of his physical tension, and does not know that its natural reaction is sleep.

But there was another experience that Stopes drew upon — her long love affair with Japanese academic Kenjiro Fujii.

And we must not forget that the wild animals are assisted by nature; they generally only woo just at the season when the female is beginning to feel natural desire. Though in some instances the woman may have one or more crises before the man achieves his, it is perhaps hardly an exaggeration to say that 70 or 80 per cent. This little book is less a record of a research than an attempt to present in easily understandable form the clarified and crystallized results of long and patient investigations.

Many think that merely by loosening the bonds, and making it possible to start afresh with some one else, their lives would be made harmonious and happy. Ellis " Sex in Relation to Society ,"p. In true romantic style, Roe wooed Stopes, and became her second husband.

To ask this question is surely to answer it. If the wave-crests on our charts are studied it will be seen that they spread over two or three days and show several small minor crests. By those who have a high appreciation of the value of their creative impulse, and who wish to enjoy the mutual pleasure and enhancement of sex-union without wasting it, this method should not be practiced.

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