Second star to the right deborah hautzig

This new edition features an afterword by the author in which she discusses her own struggle with the disease, the difficult road toward recovery, and the lasting effects on her life. She is basically dieng because she refuses to eat. Frankweiler E L Konigsburg. I think this was a good book to highlight some of the worries going through teenagers' minds, but it's a little dated now. I want to die — but I also want to live.

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But it gives you jautzig and helps you learn about the problems that can come with over-dieting and anorexia and the effects that it has on the people around you.

Second Star to the Right

By the end, you really are inhabiting her skin. THAT'S what makes the story ghe. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Her perfectionism takes over and she grows a "dictator" in her head. Listening Time Elizabeth Verdick. The book starts off a little slow.

The most striking point to me in this novel is Leslie's continual cry for help once she has surpassed an already unrealistic goal. When Leslie starts to diet, she finds seconf becoming obsessed, getting thinner and thinner, until she is forced to realize that her quest for perfection is killing her.

I probably wouldn't recommend this book to many boys, mainly because it's quite a "chick-flick" but I would recommend it to anybody who's never read a book about this topic or anybody who's struggling with the disease themselves.

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I would highly recommend this book, even if you are not anorexic, just for the relationship between Leslie and her mother and father. While we've grown accustomed to them now, this book was a huge statement when it was first debirah.

Jul 25, Mary rated it it was ok Shelves: These days there would be teenagers who wouldn't know what Auschwitz was, or its significance, it's over 70 years ago! She is basically dieng because she refuses to eat. Apr 06, Morgane G added it Shelves: It is informative in an unfortunate but credible way and I recommend girl read this book to show how easily just losing that extra few pounds can transform into anorexia nervosa.

It's a slow moving book though.

‘Second Star to the Right’ by Deborah Hautzig |

In order to regain her sense of control, she decides to control the one thing in her life that she CAN control - food. Help Around the House Morris Gleitzman.

She rations her food to smaller and smaller quantities until, eventually, she is too weak to make it to the bus stop in the morning. In her mind, 76 pounds is not thin enough and rhe constantly berets herself if she eats more than the dictator in her head has prescribed.

Dec 20, Greta is Erikasbuddy rated it it was amazing. I Want it Elizabeth Crary. Thanks to other reviewers, I understand now that this starr actually based on the author's own life, so it actually makes sense that it was left unresolved at that time in her life. Trivia About Second Star to th And in this book we can begin to see how, for some, this disease makes perfect sense. Then 60THEN And I do have a love for young adult books told by awkward teenage girls.

Second Star to the Right by Deborah Hautzig |

This may just be me, maybe it would be clearer to others. Retrieved from " http: It begins innocently enough -- just a few pounds, and then a few more.

I recommend this book to girls aged 13 and over because I felt like it relates to teenage girls, with the changing of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. I read this book because I work with an anorexic girl at school and I hoped this would help me understand her.

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