Winterdance gary paulsen

His tight narrative and laugh-out-loud stories about one of the most famous dog races in America is truly a gift. I bought it after meeting an Iditerod musher in Alaska and the book piqued my interest in the Iditerod race even more. The ending was a bit abrupt for my taste.

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Throughout the race Gary encounters stunning views, tragic disasters, and the opportunity to re-evaluate his own life.


They endured blinding wind, snowstorms, frostbite, dogfights, moose attacks, sleeplessness, hallucinations - and the relentless push to go on.

In fact, everyone I've recommended it to has come back to tell me how much they loved it, especially the part about Paulsen eating the moose chili. Gary Paulsen is crazy.

And this was the third time I've read this book! View the Lesson Plans. He has authored more than two hundred books and scores of articles and short stories.

Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod

Without the forgotten workers, the dedicated supporters, and the sacrificing helpers, the greats would never achieve their greatness. It's about being drawn to something that's bigger dinterdance you can handle but being unable to resist the pull. On his way home from acquiring the dogs, Gary realizes that these Eskimo sled dogs are quite different from the family pets. He also becomes more introspective, realizing he is more satisfied leading a simple life than being concerned with money and materialistic things.

Winterdance by Gary Paulsen

The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod. Views Read Edit View history. This is a 5-star book, but it's got a handful of f-bombs thrown in at the end which I have to say were appropriate for the situation and not gratuitous at allwhich according to my own personal goodreads criteria knocks it down to 4 stars. The reader realizes how high the stakes are when he describes the possibility that he could be running along for hundreds of miles, only to discover that he's on an ice flow as he and his dogs pitch off the edge and into the ocean -- never to be heard from again.

winterdaance Fueled by an all-consuming passion for running dogs, Paulsen entered the grueling 1,mile race across Alaska in dangerous ignorance and with fierce determination. Pick up this book and garj out loud! Some of Paulsen's most well-known books are the Hatchet series, although he has published many other popular novels including Dogsong, Harris and Me, and The Winter Room, which won the Newbery Honor.

After just a few miles, Devil and Ortho manage to chew their way winrerdance of the kennels they are in and begin to destroy the back of the truck. Given that I've read it three times and recommended to no less than 50 people, there has been plenty of time for me to hear back from all those reluctant readers and not wintegdance has come back to me to tell winterxance that they didn't like it. In a slightly different world, I might have found this book completely incomprehensible.

Paulsen was the recipient of the Margaret A. I know I read Hatchet at some point as a younger person I am prone to a certain type of YA survivalist adventure storybut that was the extent of my familiarity with Paulsen's work. During the 17 and a half days it takes Paulsen to complete the race he experiences sleep deprivation and hallucinations, freezing temperatures and bitingly cold winds, stunning views, and tragic disasters. Gary has winterdancf run sled dogs except on his short runs to check his trap lines.

During the first few years of his life, his father was stationed in Europe gafy World War II and his mother worked in a factory. The book could end right then and there as he goes off the edge of a cliff, but he manages to survive and so do all his dogs. I'm surprised anyone would admit to the mishaps he put himself in and publish them but if you can't laugh at yourself Gary is not happy with this arrangement but agrees.

View the Study Pack.

Which I shouldn't need to do. Copyrights Winterdance from BookRags. In order to run the Iditarod, he will need a team of fifteen or sixteen dogs, and he doesn't own even half that many.

A neighbor volunteers to drive Gary and his dogs to the race in Anchorage in his truck.

Even though there are some questionable situations and a little foul language, I think this is a wonderful book for a teenage guy to read. In my teens, I moved to a small town in the Arctic, one of the coldest and most desolate places in the world.

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