Dga test of transformer oil

But when abnormal thermal and electrical stresses are not significantly high the gasses due to decomposition of transformer insulating oil will get enough time to dissolve in the oil. If corona is detected by a DGA test, other methods of pinpointing the exact location of the problem can be used --a partial discharge detector can be used to detect the popping noise that corona is making. A plot of detector signal versus time is called the chromatogram. The Cellulose has a structure of long chain of molecules.

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Dissolved gas analysis

Mineral oil is the most common type in outdoor transformers; fire-resistant fluids iol used include polychlorinated biphenyls PCB s and silicone.

The dielectric breakdown test is a physical test that measures the breakdown voltage of an insulation liquid. A power factor dissipation factor test measures the dielectric losses in the liquid and hence the amount of energy dissipated as heat.

Acetylene is ool dangerous and volatile gas that can explode if exposed to the atmosphere like when the transformer is opened for inspection. A plot of detector signal versus time is called the chromatogram.

DGA or Dissolved Gas Analysis of Transformer Oil | Furfural or Furfuraldehyde Analysis

After samples have been taken and analyzed, the first step in evaluating DGA results is to consider the concentration levels in ppm of each key gas. The quality and cleanliness of the syringe is important as it maintains the tranxformer of the sample before the analyses. Gases, formed by normal and abnormal events within the transformer, are dissolved in the oil.

Transformer Oil Testing is a proven loss prevention technique that should be a part of any condition based predictive maintenance program. Normally, arcing occurs only after other problems surface, which is identified through DGA testing. The column selectively retards the sample gases and they are identified as they travel past a detector at different times. By testing the oil at a standard temperature, the test results can be compared to standard values.

But when abnormal thermal and electrical stresses are not significantly high the gasses due to decomposition of transformer insulating oil will get enough time to dissolve in the oil.

In general, acidic by-products produce increased dielectric loss, increased corrosiveness, and may cause thermal difficulties attributable to insoluble components kil "sludge. Hence by only monitoring the Buchholz relay it is not possible to predict the condition of the total internal healthiness of electrical power transformer.

If a transformer becomes overloaded for any reason, the windings will generate more heat and deteriorate the cellulose insulation. Arcing is the most severe condition in a transformer because it indicates a breakdown of the insulation. Please contact your Client Manager. Furfuraldehyde analysis is very sensitive as because damage of oip grams of paper is noticeable in the oil even of a very large size transformer.

Transformer Oil Testing Results | HSB TOGA

If a winding shorts from turn to turn, or phase to phase, or phase to ground, arcing will occur and the transformer will have failed. This screen test result can help reveal the quality and the integrity of the insulation liquid, and can form the basis for judgment as to suitability for continued service.

Detection of gas concentrations usually involves the use of a flame og detector FID and a thermal conductivity detector TCD. The Dissolved Gas Analysis can give an early indication of abnormal conditions inside the transformer.

These compounds belong to the Furfuraldehyde group. Share this content on your favourite social media platform.

This phenomenon we often observe in our home. One or more of these items present in significant concentrations will contribute to a low dielectric breakdown value. Generally it is found that hydrogen and methane are produced in large quantity if internal temperature of power transformer rises up to o C to o C due to abnormal thermal stresses.

Therefore, it is suggested that they all be performed. A larger quantity of oil is needed for these tests.

Transformer Oil Testing Results

The collection and analysis of gases in an oil-insulated transformer was discussed as early as [ citation needed ]. Determination of Polychlorinated Biphenyl's PCB's on a percentage value, or as a part-per-million PPM value, is widely available from commercial laboratories. The system is in use for power and instrument transformers, as well as cable oils. It is best test for assessing life of transformer.

When an electrical fault occurs it releases energy which breaks the chemical bonds of the insulating fluid. As the paper becomes aged, these long chains are broken into number of shorter parts.

The dielectric breakdown test serves as an indicator to the presence of contaminating agents such as water, dirt, moist cellulosic fibers, and conducting particles in the insulating oof.

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