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Nov 07, Infatti nei racconti le svolte assurde e surrealiste non vengono affatto spiegate e nemmeno introdotte in maniera graduale, ma buttate nello sviluppo d'improvviso, all'interno di un quadro in cui la bussola segna impazzita tutti e quattro i punti cardinali insieme e contemporaneamente. Si scrive come per liberarsi del mal di stomaco. Please try again later.


I hastened to give the greeting of the wise men to the august assembly I was about to leave, and at my guide's command I entered a long gallery on my right hand. And is really what you make of it. In his Musee des Sorciers, Grillot de Givry adds somewhat to the meager notes concerning the manuscript. The effort is vain. My dear PhUochatus, you are about to penetrate into the sanctuary of the sublime sciences; my hand is about to raise for you the impenetrable veil which hides from the eyes of common men the tabemacle, the sanctuary wherein the Etemal has lodged the secrets of nature, kept for a few that are privileged, the few Elect whom His omnipotence created that they may SEE, and seeing, may soar after Him in the vast expanse of His Glory and deflect upon mankind one of the Rays that shine round about His golden Throne.