Some treatises on interrogation are emphatic about the value of arranging the lighting so that its source is behind the interrogator and glares directly at the subject. Both the Germans and the Chinese have used this trick effectively. In brief, the techniques that follow should match the personality of the individual interrogatee, and their effectiveness is intensified by good timing and rapid exploitation of the moment of shock.

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Persons with intense guilt feelings may cease resistance and cooperate if punished in some way, because of the gratification induced by punishment. An ounce of investigation may be worth a pound of questions.

He has no real attachments to others, although he may attach symbolic and private meanings or values to other people. The pitfalls of ignorance of the distinctive culture of the source have "[approx. In dealing with this type kbark and to a considerable extent in dealing with any of the types herein listed -- the interrogator must be aware of the limits and pitfalls of rational persuasion.

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During the next interrogation session with the source, a part of the taped denunciation can be played back to him if necessary. Because no two interrogations are alike, the interrogation cannot realistically be planned from A to Z, in all its particulars, at the outset.

Kid Gladiator At least I have you to protect me from these savages. Kid Gladiator's kubar tissues are much tougher and far more resistant to physical injury than those of human beings. Orderly-obstinate interrogatees often collect coins or other objects as a hobby; time spent in sharing their interests may thaw some of the ice.

Occasionally the information needed from a recalcitrant interrogatee is obtainable from a willing source. Another effect frequently produced by non-coercive as well as coercive khbark is the evocation within the interrogatee kubzrk feelings of guilt. Therefore they claim as their right privileges not permitted others.

The CIA wrote a torture manual more than 50 years ago, and then gave it to Latin American dictators

If not, the walk-in may be asked to undergo such testing at a later date. The screening report itself is brought to life, the type becomes an individual, as the subject talks.

The last section, on do's and dont's, is a return to the mubark view of the opening parts; as a check-list, it is placed last solely for convenience. By skilled manipulation of the known, the questioner can convince a naive subject that all his secrets are out and that further resistance would be not only pointless but dangerous.

Other psychological testing aids are best administered by a trained psychologist.

U.S. Army and CIA interrogation manuals

If source resistance is encountered during screening or during the opening or reconnaissance phases of the interrogation, non-coercive methods of sapping opposition and strengthening the tendency to yield and to cooperate may be applied.

Of greater importance to the interrogator than the causes kuubark the opportunity provided by concealed anxiety for successful manipulation of the source.

If during screening or any other pre-interrogation phase it is ascertained that the source has been interrogated before, this fact should be made known to the interrogator. One general observation is introduced now, however, because it is considered basic to the establishment of rapport, upon which the success of non-coercive interrogation depends.

If this technique does not work very quickly, it must be dropped before the interrogatee learns the true limits of the questioner's knowledge. The interrogator should reserve his fire-power until he knows what he is up against.

The CIA wrote a torture manual more than 50 years ago, and then gave it to Latin American dictators

He is often accident-prone. The suggested procedure for arriving at a preliminary assessment of walk-ins remains the same [approx. The legality of detaining and questioning a person, and of the methods employed, [approx. Yet detention in a controlled environment and perhaps for a lengthy period is frequently essential to a successful counterintelligence interrogation of kubakr recalcitrant source.

The interrogator who is kubafk with an orderly-obstinate character should avoid the role of hostile authority. So do persons who falsely confess to crimes. Kubadk almost all circumstances, however, a clear revelation of our interests and knowledge should be avoided. Persons suffering from severe mental illness will show major distortions, delusions, or hallucinations and will usually give bizarre explanations for their behavior.

The outer-and-inner office routine may also be employed.

He is extremely intolerant of any frustration that occurs in the outer world and deals with it by withdrawal into the interior realm. Documents from Bloc countries, or those which are in any respect unusual or unfamiliar, are customarily sent to the proper field or headquarters component for technical analysis.

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