Ldom commands in solaris 10

Set Cryptographic Units This subcommand specifies the number of cryptographic units to be set in the logical domain. We can see the new configuration initial has been created and listed as the configuration to use at the next reboot. Kindly go through the readme file for these patches as they required reconfig reboots. Specifies the archiving method to use.

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Solaris 10: how to determine if a system is LDOM domain

This subcommand lists all the services exported by logical domains. This section contains descriptions of every supported command-line interface CLI operation, that is, every subcommand and resource combination. Runs on the physical source system. I have carried out my testing on T server and patched the box to latest firmware level.

Specify 0 to disable the timeout in the set-vdisk subcommand.

Service domain Provides services to other logical domains, such as a virtual network switch or a virtual disk service. Crypto Operations Add Cryptographic Commadns This subcommand specifies the number of cryptographic units to be added to a logical domain.

LDOMs (OVM for SPARC) Command line reference [cheat sheet]

Set Options for a Virtual Console Concentrator This subcommand sets options for a specific virtual console concentrator. G is gigabytes K is kilobytes M is megabytes ldom specifies the logical domain where the memory is to be added. As a result, no remnants of the configuration remain on either the control domain or on the SP.

List Logical Domain Configurations This subcommand lists the logical domain configurations stored on the service processor. If a configuration with the name initial already existed, we would receive an error, and would need to use the ldm remove-spconfig command to remove the existing configuration first. Note — Leaving value blank, sets var-name to no value. The group argument allows multiple consoles to be multiplexed onto the same TCP connection. Specifies a number that uniquely identifies the physical machine.

LDOMs (OVM for SPARC) Command line reference [cheat sheet] – The Geek Diary

When a group is specified, a service splaris also be specified. List Variables This subcommand lists one or more variables for a logical domain. In the event that the domain to be destroyed is specified as a master domain, references to this domain are removed from all slave domains. Examples This section includes examples for the three phases. Creating the spconfig is must after making any changes on the service.

Valid values are ufsdumpflashor none. As this ensures the hardware and hypervisor can communicate correctly, and all of the features of the your servers can operate.

Kindly go through the readme file for these patches as they required reconfig reboots. Specifies the VLAN to which a virtual network device or virtual switch needs to be a member, in tagged mode. Configuration on the SP that has the same name Newly created configuration, new-config-namewhich does not exist on the SP If the target configuration does not exist on the SP, a configuration of that name is created and saved to the SP based on the contents of the corresponding autosave configuration.

In the convert phase, the created logical domain is converted into a logical domain that runs the Solaris 10 OS by using the standard Solaris upgrade process.

A domain that depends on another domain. Cancel Operations This subcommand cancels either delayed reconfiguration reconf or domain migration migration operations for a logical domain. Note that using the rm-config command to explicitly remove a configuration also removes the autosave version on the control domain.

If not then release upgrade should be required to have LDOM software on your system. Set Memory This subcommand sets a specific quantity of memory in a logical domain.

There can be only one Logical Domains Manager per server. The configuration is stored on the SP. Using an ISO image. Comjands contrast to dynamic reconfiguration operations that take place immediately, delayed reconfiguration operations take effect after the next reboot of the OS or stop and start of the logical domain if no OS is running.

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