Oracle 10g dba interview questions and answers

What Is An Undo Pool? Each data file can only be associated with only one database and once it is created it can not change its size. I would create a text based backup control file, stipulating where on disk all the data files where and then issue the recover command with the using backup control file clause.

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The DBA will create new users and manage the privileges of each user. Pre-query trigger fires before pre-select trigger. What Is An Asm Instance?

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Disable the foreign key constraint to the parent, drop the table, re-create the table, enable the foreign key constraint. The available methods of allocating the database resources are CPU method, Idle time, Execution time limit, Undo pool, Active session pool, automatic consumer group switching, canelling SQL and terminating sessions, parallel degree limit. What is the maximum number of triggers that can be applied to a single table?

A database is a logically collection of data with some inherent meaning. Manage resources optimally across multiple clients.

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Once you create a library, you can attach it to any other form, menu, or library modules. RAID 5 was created when disks were expensive.

A direct path load eliminates much of the Oracle database overhead by formatting Oracle data blocks and writing the data blocks directly to the database files. They work with rule sets to determine whether or not a statement is allowed. US directory is defauly language directory in Oracle Applications.

It lnterview the sorted results to your program. Oracle RAC is composed of two or more database instances.

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What Are Its Uses? A server process communicates with the user process and interacts with Oracle to carry out requests from the associated user process. The various nodes and branches of the parse tree are replaced by operators of relational algebra.

It allows you to read and write information to a file in the file system. The Oracle Database is qudstions central intrrview in the Warehouse Builder architecture because the Database hosts the Warehouse Builder repository and the code generated by Warehouse Builder.

What Is Two-phase Commit? They design tables, create indexes and other types of constraints. The formal parameters are the names that are declared in the parameter list of the header of a module. Which tools can you use to start up an Oracle database? When Should You Rebuilt Indexes? CHAR pads spaces to the maximum length.

When issuing a "create database" command, the value specified for maxdatafiles is stored in Oracle control files and default value is What Operator Performs Pattern Matching?

I would create a text based backup control file, stipulating where on disk all the data files where and then issue the recover command with the using backup control file clause. Double t Raw Data type. A schema is collection of database objects of a user. Drop us a Query Full Name. Different components can have different numbers in this position depending upon, for example, component patch sets or interim releases. There is huge demand for jobs related to Oracle DBA anywhere.

Create a copy of EMP table without any data? When a user wants to log into the database, the username and password provided by the user is checked against the values stored in the database.

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