Bouncers script

Body language was very successful in illustrating the difference between the multiple characters. Costume for the bouncers consisted of a plain black suit and a black top. In some parts he gave eccentricity, in others he gave normality.

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Male 3Female 1Neutral 0. This was really effective and one of my favourite moments. Also, we found out about boouncers intensity Godber has when rehearsing as he wants to get it right, which, after seeing the play, obviously pays off.

The play is an observation on life today as the bouncers were white, narrow-minded, homophobic and racist and every character was stereotyped. Bouncers by John Godber shows a night on the tiles from the point of view of the men on the door. I had never scfipt a production on a stage when the audience looks down on the actors and I really enjoyed the difference between this and the more traditional proscenium arch.

Bar Bouncer Script Quarter Horse

The striking composite set worked really well. Strobe lighting was used in the Swedish porn film scene and this changed the tempo of the play.

This revised version was first presented by the Hull Truck Theatre Company bpuncers Black was effective as it made the bouncers look intimidating. I found out that all the actors had done Bouncers before apart from Marc Bolton.

Many sounds were bouncerss by the actors which was impressive and incredibly effective.

Brady looked like a typical bouncer with his body stance and language. I particularly liked Brady playing the hairdresser and the barber because I found it interesting to see him play the same part, yet play them so differently for the different genders.

Bolton played Ralph really successfully. Between the steps were mesh grates which were used to release lighting and smoke which helped the audience tell the inside of the club from the outside.

Bouncers (s Remix) - Drama Online

Bouncers was performed on a thrust stage and I found this both interesting and unusual. The back was a brick wall with gutters running which gave the sense of a back alleyway or a seedy nightclub.

The boredom of the men on the door spills over into grotesque violence and fantasy. Costume for the bouncers consisted of a plain black suit and a black top.

On a regularly updated Bouncers blog, Marc Bolton wrote this about our particular showing: Smoke was the only special effect used. I really enjoyed the intensity of it all, the wit and humour yet seriousness sceipt significance. We were also told about John Godber and the way he continuously adapts the script to the current situation and location. Written and directed by John Godber over thirty years ago, this modern remix of the renowned play contained up-to-date dialogue, jokes and music.

Bouncers (1990s Remix)

Bouncers is about four bouncers and their experiences of typical British nightlife on a Friday. It is a funny, energetic piece of highly theatrical storytelling where the men are at once themselves, and every character they happen to meet on a night at work at the nightclub.

Props were minimal yet very effective. Gobos were also used in the nightclub scenes as moving lights on the floor and were also very successful.

He was the most traditional bouncer and gave balance to the play.

The conflict between those wanting a good time and those stopping a good time from being had is a basic dramatic premise. In his introduction, the author writes: Bouncers premiered at the Edinburgh Festival in This was really unfortunate as his serious speeches were crucial and a much-needed balance in the play.

Booth played a character called Kev and I thought he really portrayed what he was aiming for.

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