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When one who is kind to his kin and faithful to his trust passes over the Sirat , he will make his way to Paradise, but when one who is unfaithful to the trust and severs his ties with his kin passes, none of his good deeds will avail him, and the Sirat will hurl him into hell. If one is found as having been derelict in performing any of his obligations, the angels questioning him will try to find out whether he somehow made up with optional good deeds. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Have you not considered those who have changed Allah's favor into blasphemy and caused their people to fall into the abode of perdition? So, the fear of the Almighty Lord is the most essential belief of a Muslim that helps to attain the correct style of livelihood.

A tempestade william shakespeare

The Tempest can be interpreted as Shakespeare's last treatise on the human soul, in particular the Renaissance conception of the tripartite soul divided into vegetative, sensitive, and rational spheres, as described in Plato's tripartite theory of soul and Christian Philosophy. The magician , Prospero , rightful Duke of Milan , and his daughter, Miranda , have been stranded for twelve years on an island after Prospero's jealous brother Antonio aided by Alonso , the King of Naples deposed him and set him adrift with the 3-year-old Miranda. Write a customer review. Several other television versions of the play have been broadcast; among the most notable is the BBC Shakespeare production, virtually complete, starring Michael Hordern as Prospero. Caliban is represented by the dangerous and invisible "monster from the id", a projection of Morbius' psyche born from the Krell technology instead of Sycorax's womb.