Triathlon surgical technique

In a study on Chinese knees, Cheng et al. The most important finding of the present study was that contemporary femoral components are generally biased towards component underhang and exhibit wide variations in morphological fit to the distal femur. Materials and methods Bone data A total of healthy right femora were selected from a dataset that spans a wide range of sizes and includes both Asian and Caucasian ethnicities. In the review of conditions that may cause painful TKA, Dennis et al.

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Stryker Knee Triathlon Problems |

Stryker uses a detailed doctor consultation to ensure a proper fit based on a number of factors such as your age, weight, activity level and overall health. The position of the implant can be determined by 3D preoperative planning using an MRI scanning of the knee. To compare pain, function and health related quality of life QOL between the kinematic aligned ShapeMatch Cutting Guide group and the neutral overall limb aligned groups using cutting guides and conventional instrumentation, respectively.

Institutional review board approval The Asian CT scans in this study were collected from live patients. In the review of conditions that techniqye cause painful TKA, Dennis et al. Lupus Erythematosus or a metabolic disorder surtical. Higher RMSD reflects poor fit of the design to the dataset due to mismatch in the aspect ratio, leading to surgical compromise. When is study starting and how long is it expected to run for?

Three distinct levels of component fit were observed amongst the designs Fig. Evaluation of painful total knee arthroplasty.

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Increased shape and size offerings of femoral components improve fit during total knee arthroplasty

Published online Jul Using a multi-ethnic dataset including Caucasian, Indian, and Korean subjects, this griathlon investigated component fit in six contemporary femoral component design families A: ShapeMatch Cutting Guides modified to provide neutral overall limb alignment 3. Numerous morphologic studies have demonstrated high variability in the size and shape of the distal femur [ 1518242528 ].

Faster functional improvement 3. Each CT data collection has been approved by the institution to which the study principle investigators were primarily affiliated. However, despite the materials, techniques and equipment, there are still potential problems with the Stryker Triathlon knee. Patient is a male or non-pregnant female, skeletally mature and age years at the time of study device implantation 3. Materials and methods Bone data A total of healthy right femora were selected from a dataset that spans a wide range of sizes and includes both Asian and Caucasian ethnicities.

While the first artificial knees were simple hinges, the Stryker Triathlon combines technical materials, techniques and equipment for optimal surgical efficiency that results in improved post-surgical results, according to the Mayo Clinic. How to Use a Knee Immobilizer. The multiple ML offerings in Design A enabled proper fit to all the bones in the dataset across component AP sizes without a single case of clinically significant overhang constant availability of component ML size below the overhang incidence bound for the entire dataset Fig.

Yifei Dai Zimmer, Inc. A prospective, randomized study of computer-assisted and conventional total knee arthroplasty. J Bone Joint Surg Am. In addition to AP dimension, the ML width of the resected femur was measured midway between the anterior and posterior borders of the distal cut plane Fig.

Quantitative cartilage imaging in knee osteoarthritis. A corresponding measurement was also performed on the femoral components Fig. J Orthop Surg Hong Kong ; 16 3: Improved accuracy of component alignment with ssurgical implementation of image-free navigation in total knee arthroplasty. All subjects were pre-screened to rule out moderate or severe deformities, osteophytes, and former trauma to the bones.

Result of results found for within. Consistent external rotation during extension 4.

Results and Publications Publication and dissemination plan Not provided at time of registration IPD sharing plan Due to early study termination, there was limited data available for analysis and therefore insufficient power to provide robust, meaningful results for primary or secondary analysis. Patient requires bilateral total knee replacements, or has a surgiacl of contralateral partial or total knee replacement 7.

Consistent femoral-tibial pivot point location 2.

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