Punjab local government ordinance 2001

Steeping hemp, jute or any other plant in or near a pond or any other excavation within such distance of the residential area as may be specified by a local government. General powers of local governments, etc. Defacing or disturbing any direction-post, lamp post or lamp extinguishing or any light arranged by a local government without due authority. Performance evaluation of officers of tehsil.

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Failure to deliver back possession of property to the local government on cancellation and expiration of lease. Sale of Property in Paki Provided that no case in respect of any offence pending adjudication before a Court shall be compounded except with the permission of the Court:. Manufacturing, trading, storing or supplying any eatable or drinkable item and other items unsafe for human consumption or public health. Application of the Code.

Discharging any dangerous chemical, inflammable, hazardous or offensive article in any drain, or sewer, public water ordinannce or public land vested in or managed, maintained or controlled by City District Government in such manner as causes or is likely to cause danger to persons passing by or living or working in hovernment, or risk or injury to property.

Establishing any cattle market or baker mandi without permission of the local orddinance. Stocking or collecting timber, wood, dry grass, straw or other inflammable material or fuels, adjacent to commercial buildings or residential houses.

Selling cattle and animals in contravention of any law, rule or by-laws of a local government. Executive District Officer concerned. Provided that the concerned Nazim may, with the approval of the Council and by notification in the official Gazette, exempt any area from the application of this provision in respect of such offences and for such period as may be specified therein.

Failure to dispose of offal, fat or any organ or part of a dead animal in a place set apart for the purpose by the local government. Provided further that an offence shall not be compounded where the accused has been served a notice forbidding him from continuing with the violation or contravention of any provision of this Ordinance:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Preparation and sale of article or articles of food or drink by a person apparently suffering from any infectious or contagious disease that may endanger the health of people. Failure of industrial or commercial concerns to provide adequate and safe disposal of affluent or prevention of their mixing up with the water supply or sewerage system.


Provided further that the officiating Tehsil Nazim shall not be a candidate in the election for Tehsil Nazim. However, for the election to the reserved seats for Women in Zila Council proportionately divided among Tehsils or Towns shall be all members of the Union Councils in a Tehsil or Town.


Sadiq Sanjrani Deputy Chairman: It is where the functions, responsibilities and authorities of districts government is divided into more smaller units, these units are known as "Tehsil". Supplying or marketing drinking water for human consumption in any form, from any source which is contaminated or suspected to be dangerous to public health, lofal its use has been prohibited by a local government on the ground of being unsafe for human consumption, or whose quality and suitability for human consumption has not been ascertained and certified by a laboratory authorized by the Government.

Loud shouting in abusive language causing distress to the inhabitants of a neighbourhood or village or any other public place. Creation of District Service. Views Read Edit View history. Short title and commencement. In total there are districts in Pakistan, of which several are city districts.

Tehsil Officer Lrdinance Regulations. Restructuring of Provincial Departments. Doing an act without license or permission when the doing of such act requires a license or permission under any of the provisions of the Ordinance or the rules or bye-laws. Provided further that the officiating Zila Nazim shall not be a candidate in the election for Zila Nazim. This page was last edited on 1 Augustat Begging importunately for alms by exposing any deformity or disease or any offensive sore or wound to solicit charity.

Provided that the Tehsil Nazim shall be given an opportunity of being heard by the Provincial Local Government Commission before making recommendation to the Chief Executive of the Province.


Failure by the owner or occupier of any land or building to clean, repair, cover, fill up or drain off any private well, tank or other source of water supply, which is declared under this Ordinance to be injurious to health or offensive to the neighbourhood. Obstructing or tampering with any road, street, drain or pavement. Taxes to be levied. Cutting down ofdinance any tree, or erection or demolition of any building or part of a building where such action is declared under this Ordinance to be a cause of danger or annoyance to the public.

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