Syndrome de prune belly

Pathophysiology In , Strumme proposed that prune belly syndrome may be caused by in utero bladder obstruction, stating that dilatation of the urinary tract in utero leads to secondary-pressure atrophy of the abdominal wall and the subsequent clinical findings. Autosomal dominant and X linked inheritances have been observed. Forty-three percent are premature.

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This defect involves only the abdominal wall muscles, in particular the internal and external obliques, as well as the transversalis muscles.

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Many individuals with prune belly syndrome have good physical and mental health, despite all the concerns. The provider will give your child a physical exam. Other anomalies include cryptorchidism, pulmonary hypoplasia, club foot and features of Potter sequence including wide-set eyes, flattened nose, receding chin and large, low-set ears deficient in cartilage.

Diuretic renography is indicated to ensure lack of ureteral obstruction and to provide baseline evaluation of differential renal function.

Prune belly syndrome - Wikipedia

The impaired elimination of urine from the bladder also leads to oligohydramnios which in turn affects the development of the lungs resulting in features of Potter sequence. Presentation See Relevant Anatomy. The most recent theories suggest a transient obstruction at the junction of the sjndrome and penile urethra. Some prefer no surgical reconstruction of the abdominal wall, while others advocate surgical reconstruction.

Girls may have defects in their external genitals. No associated extrarenal abnormalities were observed in any of the family members. Print this section Print the entire contents of Print the entire contents of article.

Am J Dis Child. Congenital obstruction of the urinary tract at a critical time in organogenesis may have a profound and lifelong effect on kidney, ureteral and bladder syndromf. The type of treatment, like that of most disorders, depends on the severity of the symptoms. Report of 9 cases".


Alhawsawi et al reported a hepatic arterial aneurysm in a patient with prune belly syndrome. Cryptorchidism, abdominal wall defects and genitourinary defects: Histologically abnormal testes have been noted in boys with PBS.

Retrieved from " https: Other researchers consider the urinary abnormalities as secondary to the incomplete development of abdominal muscles. Serve d as a speaker or a member of a speakers bureau for: Four valves in prune belly syndrome.

In the first family the parents were nonconsanguineous. Clinical Synopsis Toggle Dropdown. Only comments written in English can be processed.

Prune Belly Syndrome

National Organization for Rare Disorders. Diagnosis The diagnosis is usually obvious from birth, but care and time are required to determine the location and number of abnormalities.

Vertically transmitted hypoplasia of the abdominal wall musculature. A year experience from a developing country.

Typically, patients with prune belly syndrome have megacystis. Use of advanced reproductive techniques intracytoplasmic sperm injection - ICSI have been associated with possibility of pregnancy. All may be due bflly a persistence of the embryonic wide mesentery, with absent fixation to the posterior abdominal wall. Standard Therapies Treatment Treatment will depend upon the severity of the symptoms. What caused this disease to develop at this time?

The literature contains little controversy regarding management of undescended testes in these children.

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