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The mixture soil and STP residue could be used in light traffic road bases. The presence of calcium CaO , magnesium MgO and potassium K2O assist with increasing resistance to sudden changes in temperature. Services on Demand Journal. Iron oxide is known to favor reddish tones in the burned parts and by the fluxing effect in the ceramics. For this procedure the weighings of the Standard Mass STD and also of the waste were carried out with a balance electronic mark, model SF with a maximum capacity of 10 kg.

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For this procedure the weighings of the Standard Mass STD and also of the waste were carried out with a balance electronic mark, model SF with a maximum capacity of 10 kg.

By analyzing these values, we can infer that WTP residues can be classified as alumina silicate of high silica content and significant amounts of Al 2 O 3 and Fe nnbr O 3with a red loss of Mechanical testing Nvr tests were performed at intermediate compression pressure for soil — WTP sludge mix and under interchanged pressures for soil —STP sludge mix. Recycling CRTs As stated by Okadaa material containing lead may scatter and result in oral intake of the dispersed lead by humans, which ultimately results in health problems.

The mixture soil and STP residue could be used in light traffic road bases. The aluminum sulphate added over treatment has waterproofed soil completely, reducing plasticity, what could also explain non-plasticity of WTP residues. Thus, we can assert that the amount of aluminum-sulfate based coagulant added in the water treatment we assessed was higher than in other WTPs that have already surveyed in this country.


This plant has a nominal capacity of about 80,m 3 sewage per day. Silica is found in several mineralogical phases, clayey and non-clayey, especially quartz its purest natural form and kaolinite Al 2 Si 2 O 5 OH 4. The glass has three components: The presence of calcium CaOmagnesium MgO and potassium K2O assist with increasing 01004 to sudden changes in temperature.

Wbnt a water or sewage treatment system be regarded as effective, it is required that final disposal of sludge is performed properly, since it has environment harmful elements in its composition, such as heavy metals, pathogenic microorganisms and organic pollutants. However, given that the sample was glass, the XRF equipment assumes the atoms are in their most oxidized state - resulting in the chemical compounds shown in Table 4.

The next step in this study was abng removal of lead from the CRT by thermal processes. Best results were observed in sample F that was processed with the following parameters: In this study, we focused on characterizing sludge and evaluating its use in paving, which showed satisfactory results for use in base and sub-base floors.

This is an Open Access article distributed abht the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Sludge production and composition vary with season and daytime. Sample F displayed the best results as it was able to reduce the lead in the glass to a minimum in comparison to the other 5 samples. Cathode ray tube monitors were collected for these experiments; their manufacturing year varied from to The results from the AAS obtained from the samples that had undergone the thermal process are displayed in Table 6.

Present to your audience. A primary treatment is carried out on domestic sewage to remove settleable solids by decantation and part of suspended organic matter.

There are no accurate data on total domestic production of sludge, but it is estimated that it exceeds three hundred thousand tons per year for each type of sludge.

Natural clay substitution by calamine processing wastes to manufacture fired bricks. Which for companies this is of fundamentally important because it guarantees the quality of the final product.

Study for vitreous waste recovery in the formulation of heavy clay ceramics. Journal of Cleaner Production.

Present to your audience Start remote presentation. Effect of grog addition on the technological properties of ceramic. The ceramic residue used in this work provided by a Brazilian company from Nb Catarina state from the process of washing and residues of enamels.

Copy of NBR The pressure inside the tube for samples E and F was set at 1. Therefore, to use as pavement base, all values are lower than those recommended for heavy traffic roads are. On the other hand, samples Nbf, E and F are below the standard.

WEEE contains a significant number of precious 1004, many of which are being recovered through different studies: The sludge residue derived from WTPs has a great amount of quartz, kaolinite and little of hematite.

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