Draft analysis in catia v5

The mapping texture accuracy depends of the video card used. The Draft Analysis dialog box is displayed. Note that settings are saved when exiting the command, and redisplayed when you select the Draft Analysis icon again. The default mode is the quick mode.

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Mode option The mode option lets you choose between a quick and a full analysis mode. Please enter a valid email address.

CATIA: Using Draft Analysis with Imagine and Shape to Optimise Design

Having trouble reading this image? Contact a Rand 3D rep for more info, class schedules and pricing. The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image. Creating new axis system You can create an axis system where the new z axis is in the same direction as the die line. Click the Feature Draft Analysis icon: When checked "On" the surfaces are selected but they will not be seen in the specification tree. Your comment has not yet been posted. Email address will not be displayed with the comment.

The Draft Analysis dialog box is displayed. Keep the point at this location, this command is P2-only A Point. Comments are moderated and will not appear until approved by the author.

Right-click the Direction vector to display the anapysis menu. Double-click on the value in the color scale to display the Value Edition dialog box. Activate the On the fly checkbox and move the pointer over the surface. From the contextual menu you can: A draft analysis can be performed just as well on a set of surfaces.

Using the compass manipulators: This type of analysis is performed based on color ranges identifying zones on the analyzed element where the deviation from the draft direction at any point, corresponds to specified values.

The pulling direction defined in a Part Design's Draft is not taken into account.

How to do draft analysis in Catia V5

Therefore, colors displayed on surfaces could be wrong according to the color scale, when the value displayed on the fly is right because the analysis is recomputed at the cursor location.

Figure 7 below shows the correct results once the proper die direction is applied. According to the graphic card performance, this accuracy can be debased. The default mode is the quick mode. Direction out of the cone: The incorrect draft analysis is shown in Figure 4.

In some cases, even though the rendering analysiw is properly set, it may happen that the analysis results are not visible. As you move the pointer over the surface, the display is dynamically updated.

The manipulator on the draft direction allows you to materialize the cone showing the angle around the direction:. Comments are moderated, and will not appear until the author has approved them.

can anyone explain draft analysis in catia v5

The die direction is indicated by the dashed red line. Creating your own company specific material catalog Creo Parametric Tip: The analysis identified as Analyeis Analysis.

Double-click on a color in the color scale to display the Color dialog box in order to modify the color range.

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