Modern reloading by richard lee

Poorly made, badly designed, and costly presses are left by the wayside. The biggest defect was; they did not offer that which the consumer wanted. For load de- velopment, a Hand Press, set of dies, assortment of powders, bullets, primers, powder measure and pleas- ant weather can make for a very en- joyable day at the range. Correct mandrel size for each bullet diameter was determined by ex- perimenting with cases of different hardness. Hunting, auto-loaders, pumps and tube fed guns re- quire ammunition that will stand up to rough handling.

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Any venture that involves a large segment of the population remains legal regardless of the danger. Another Lee neck sizing tool is the Lee collet Die.

Full text of "Modern Reloading - 1st Edition - by Richard Lee"

The Lee Pro is the best, Ricuard comes in second and all the other brands are also rans. This applies to every facet of reloading. The case, sometimes Called a shell, is the Figure 13 Assorted cartridges.

You simply cannot crimp a jacketed bullet with a conventional die if it doesn't have a crimp groove. Surprisingly, under certain circum- stances, too little powder may be danger- ous.

It's far stronger than needed for any loading operations including bullet swaging.

Lee Modern Reloading

This is richardd tool anyone would be proud to own. That is, when slam- ming the case into the chamber, the gun could fire. Lee load richzrd helps greatly in your selection. This is the main reason cases get longer. It could be dangerous if you use Lee rifle sizing die adjustment instruc- tion with a certain other brand.

It's logical that a change of any variable in a highly developed load will moddrn likely degrade the results. Lee Precision includes a Factory Crimp Die with all popular rifle die sets. Even if you move up to a faster or more convenient press in the future, a basic single station press is always useful for other tasks. Either switch to thicker cases, or con- tact the die manufacturer.

Reloadnig preferred method of crimp adjust- ment is included in the seating die section for handgun cartridges. An excellent example of how quality need not be expensive. I've done it many times. Reloading tools will cease to be considered a lifetime purchase. After the bullet exits the bore, the pressure drops to one atmosphere.

eeloading Let's get some defini- tions straight. They are so positive that it won't work that they miss the benefits the factory crimp offers. You can best detect this type of flaw by in- serting a wire with a small right angle bend into the case mouth. A good job will rivhard the neck thickness uniform, but not insure uniform hard- ness or strength.

They hate waste and can't bear to throw away a perfectly good cartridge case simply because it's empty. Most buy the complete kit.

A firm crimp is essential for all but those custom made loads for a specific rifle, in relkading the rounds are fed singly with care. Because most handgun ammunition have straight mdern, the case has no room to hold the enlarged expander as with a bottle neck rifle case.

I have never found any evidence that clean cases shoot one bit better than dirty cases. With some serious effort and the basic knowledge in these pages, you will improve the accuracy of your ammunition dramatically, and have fun doing it.

The gun companies overcame those obstacles by supplying a set of reloading tools to accompany the gun.

Most reloaders invest the savings in more components so they can reload more relaoding shoot more. The value of such a tool is debatable, as there usually is no burr inside the case and the piercing punch makes very uniform holes. This extends case life and reduces case stretching. Handle the priming tool as a loaded gun.

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