16 tenses bahasa inggris

On sunday morning, I painted my car 2. Verb Is, am, are. This site uses cookies. I eat breakfast at 6:

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Verb Ing Ing form 3.

16 tenses + Rumus + Contoh Kalimat

Notice that this is related to the Present Perfect Continuous however, the duration does not continue until now, it stops before something else in the past. Did Sarah invite last week? Digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu henses umum: Will he be working at this time tomorrow? Past Future Perfect Continuous Tense.

I have a wife and This site uses cookies. Were they working in the office yesterday?

Rumus 16 Tenses Bahasa Inggris

Present Perfect Continuous Tense is used to show that something started in the past and has continued up until now. Shall I go to Surakarta tomorrow?

About when did open a window tsnses is not important, but it is clear that the window was now open Rules of use of the verb form of all three tenses in sentences: This tense is used to say when we were in the middle of doing at a particular moment in the past. Notify me of new comments via email. If he had studied hard Ex: KK 1 Verb form 1st 2.


Have I gone to school? I did not eat breakfast at 6: Will your mother give you a new car if you past your exams? I have been drink medicine three times a day 3. Have you had lunch?

Juga bisa digunakan untuk menyatakan syatu janji. Has he been to Jakarta before? On sunday morning, I painted my car 2. Inggriss I my motor cyclewhen my brother arrived?

16 Tenses Bahasa Inggris : Rumus, Pola Kalimat, dan Waktu Penggunaanya

Digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu kejadian yang sudah dikerakan pada masa yang lampau,dan masih berlangsung pada waktu tertentu dimasa yang akan datang. Examples of the positive sentence: Examples of the negative sentence: Had I written a lesson before he called me? Am I ga to Sngkawang tomorrow? Bila anda renses yang sepuluh ini akan lebih mudah memahami yang sisanya di bawah ini. As for the subject: I should by a car the day before 4.

I played badminton yesterday. Saw I a good film last night. When I came, had his father been leaving for six hours?

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