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Title 15 - Commerce and Foreign Trade. Pretension the tether strap with The manufacturer's designation of a vehicle as a certified vehicle is irrevocable. Title 17 - Commodity and Securities Exchanges. The vehicle seat shall be installed in the vehicle, or in sufficient parts of the vehicle so as to be representative of the strength and rigidity of the vehicle structure.

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49 CFR - Standard No. ; Child restraint anchorage systems.

A steel cable is connected to the X point through which the test fmvs is applied. Title 36 - Parks, Forests, and Public Property. For those seating positions that do not provide lower anchorages, the midpoint of the seating position lies in the vertical longitudinal plane that passes through the SgRP of the seating position. This section of the CFR has been printed across multiple volumes.

Parts 1 - If the seat is adjustable, it shall be placed in the position recommended by the vehicle manufacturer for use with child restraint systems. Storable anchorages shall be provided with a tell-tale or label that is visible when the anchorage is stored.

Title 30 - Mineral Resources. A tether anchorage conforming to the requirements of S6 must be installed. Title 49 - Fmvsx. Subpart A - General. Title 4 - Accounts.

The tether anchorage of a child restraint anchorage system may count towards the third required fmvsss anchorage. Vehicles manufactured on or after September 1, and before September 1, that are manufactured by a manufacturer that produces fewer than 5, vehicles worldwide annually are not required to provide the lower anchorages specified in this standard.

Title 23 - Highways.

49 CFR 571.225 - Standard No. 225; Child restraint anchorage systems.

The bar or guide device must be visible without the compression of the seat cushion or seat back, when the bar or device is viewed, in a vertical longitudinal plane passing through the center of the bar or guide device, along a line making an upward 30 degree angle with a horizontal plane. The amount of displacement is measured relative to an undisturbed point on the vehicle fmvsss.

Parts 50 - Parts 2 - Title 13 - Business Credit and Assistance.

Title 9 - Animals and Animal Products. For the area under the vehicle seat, the forwardmost edge of the shaded zone is defined by the torso line reference plane.

Tether strap means a strap that is secured to the rigid structure of the seat back of a child restraint systemand is connected to a tether hook that transfers the load from that system to fmcss tether anchorage.

Increase the pull force as linearly as practicable to a full force application of 5, N in not less than 24 seconds and 225 more than 30 seconds, and maintain at a 5, N level for 1 second. The tether anchorage of a child restraint anchorage system may count toward the required tether anchorages.

FDsys Tutorials and Webinars. Title 34 - Education. If no instructions are provided, adjust the seat back to the position that enables SFAD 2 to attach to the lower anchorages that is the closest to the most upright position.

Seat bight means the area close to and including the intersection of the surfaces of the vehicle seat cushion and the seat back.

The geometry of the attachment duplicates the geometry, at the pre-load point, of the attachment of the originally installed seat belt assembly. A final-stage manufacturer or alterer may, at its option, comply with the requirements set forth in S At anytime during the production year ending August 31,each manufacturer shall, upon request from the Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance, provide information identifying the vehicles by make, model and vehicle identification number that have been certified as complying with S6.

Choose which volume to download: If no adjusted position is recommended, the seat shall be placed in any position, at the agency's option. A 40 mm wide nylon tether strap is routed through the routing device and attached to the tether anchorage in accordance with the written instructions required by S12 of this standard.

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