Love again doris lessing

What kind of books do you like to read? However, Lessing's voice, lyrical, insightful, and beautiful, smoothed over any bumps in the road. Pessimo questo mio primo incontro con la Lessing, una gran fatica finire questo libro. Too many false starts buggared up getting into this book in the right way - I'll pass for now and try again another time. Feb 19, astried added it Shelves:

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My original demotion to 4 stars was due to the plot, because as a now 65 year old male I found the story's premise that two much younger men, one an attractive young actor and the other, a married man in his early forties, would fall in love with a 65 year old woman.

Too many false starts buggared up getting into this book in the right way - I'll pass for now and try again another time. Clues accumulate and fall into place.

Love, Again

View all 41 comments. Julie comes across not only as a feminist pioneer but also as a kind of female Orpheus, both seductive and dangerous who - even a century and a half after her death - seems to set free the dreams and secret longings of all who come into contact with her. The simple act of betraying a book being read now for another, thing that I've done times and times again without any hesitation became impossible.

That I identify a lot of my thoughts in what she wrote is not a secret to me anymore, but this book simply blew me away. The way she loved the others was interesting she was strongly attracted to Bill, she loved Henry because he loved her and this made her like herself etcbut the way she connected with Stephen was really touching.

Love, Again by Doris Lessing

Well, it feels like a cruel joke, and how dare they? Lists with This Book. Join to find the hottest teen books, connect with your favorite YA authors and meet new friends who share your reading interests. Log In Register for Online Access.

I liked this book right away, because a lot of what I like is right in the bones of the thing. Recommended to Dolors by: Manchmal liefern sei einen Hinweis auf einen verborgenen Geisteszustand. In many places, it is hard to keep up.

Love, again by Doris Lessing: Book Review | Cellar Door

In she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. This is feeling all the physical pain induced by the heartache. However, I feel that if the author would have kept the main plot on track, while keeping the back story to a minimum, the overall outcome of the story would have had more of the desired impact. But the person you think you love is in love with someone else. All this for Bill, lessihg Not in grief for the dying or sadness for unrequited love.

How little we do know about what goes on inside our lvoe friends, let alone agreeable acquaintances.

Love, again by Doris Lessing: Book Review

This is the story of a woman of a certain age, an intelligent, together, successful theater director who falls in lessin unexpectedly with a younger man. She lived alone in a forest outside a small French town, had a few serious love affairs, and drowned herself while in her thirties. And not in the obvious ways. In lots of ways, this is probably a 3 star book.

When you base other works on such texts, double-check with a printed source if possible. In a way, old enough to re-written and soften their own life story into a smooth comfortable globe. Old enough for stable life, not old enough to die with some asinine comment of having enough time to live fully how much time would a person need to live fully? The plot dragged and was predictable at times, but I don't believe Lessing wrote a plot driven story. If I have to guess on the reason of my inability to enjoy reading it completely, it'll be the accursed Julie Vairon.

She falls in love after many decades with two younger men.

Jan 16, Dolors rated it liked it Recommends it for: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Having it when you're not protected by youthful thoughtlessness and burdened by years of experience. During the production of a play, she falls in love qgain a seductive young actor, the beautiful and androgynous year-old Bill, and then with the more mature year-old director Henry.

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