Mcitp interview questions and answers

While access to common resources is desired, a separately defined tree can enforce more direct administrative and security restrictions. These changes include account and individual user lockout policies, changes to password policies, changes to computer account passwords, and modifications to the Local Security Authority LSA. Global groups provide access to resources in other trusted domains. A domain is a concept introduced in Windows NT whereby a user may be granted access to a number of computer resources with the use of a single username and password combination.

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Administrators can use Repadmin to view What is the subnet mask of the following IP addresses- Name a few benefits of using GPMC.

The former has fewer privileges and will probably require user intervention. Its also used in universal global membership.

It provides many worthy features like security permissions, quotas, and shadowing. A process cannot enter running state from blocked state.

With this feature, a DHCP server can: Raj Noida April 26, at If it didn't switch among the tasks, they would execute sequentially. Whereas, in a complex environment with multiple domains, it may impact creation and modification of groups and group authentication. It is the standard protocol for sending emails across the Internet.

The user can view and modify user preferences that are not stored in maintained portions of the Registry. Answrrs processors have more than one execution units but only one processor core, thats how multiple tasks are performed simultaneously.

A simple volume answdrs be extended within thesame disk or onto additional disks. A RAID-5 volume cannot be mirrored or extended.

How do you double-boot a Win server box? It is a measure of how much volume a transmission channel can handle, and is measured in Kbps. How do you switch back to user mode? Tell questione about the main Email ports? What is the range of the Class D and default subnet mask of Class D?

It is a master searchable database that containsinformation about every object in every domain in a forest.

MCITP Interview Questions and Answers(Updated) | InterviewGIG

What is it used for? It is used for batch management qkestions trusts, joining computers to domains,verifying trusts, and secure The Global Catalog authenticates network user logons and fields inquiries about objects across a forest or tree. I copy all the information you shared here in my file and i am doing some work on pictures of cats and when I complete that then I will study your content. Your way of communication is nice. In Windowsthere was typically questioons GC on every site in order to prevent user logon failures across the network.

What tool would I use to try to grab security related packets from the wire? The information you provide in this article is really good.

MCITP Interview Questions and Answers(Updated)

Exchange Server Support December 5, at 8: How frequently is the client policy refreshed? I will not go to length into this powerful command, but I will show you some basic samples of how to import a large number of users into your AD. A simple volume uses free space from a single disk. The tips and tricks and information shared in this blog mentioned is really very excellent i appreciate your work style.

What other folders are related to AD? Network connection with IP address.

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