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Five pages in and a certain kind of queasiness is already upon you. Most of you have seen the film, so did I. This is one of the books I had not read by the husband-wife team of 'Nicci French", but I thought it was a very good story. Brendan Block has to be the most despicable antagonist I've ever seen in a story like this -- part of the reason I kept reading was because I just wanted to see how much worse he could get. Where is my mobile phone?

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Most American women would be throwing a FIT in her situation! She becomes more obsessed than Brendan, playing right into his game. Even though I knew what was happening I couldn't put the book down. Almost immediately, Miranda is suspicious. In the early eighties she taught English Nicvi Note: In he won Vogue magazine's Writing Talent Contest, and from to he was their theatre critic.

Secret Smile

I honestly don't know why she didn't just pack up and move. Maybe that's the point? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Did the parents really see nothing weird about him? She has a new boyfriend and is madly in love. But why has he done this?

Miranda's entire family seems stupid and naive. That night, Brendan arrives and angrily searches for Naomi, to no avail.

Brendan, of course, was supposed to be, ffrench I don't really count him -- he was a well-written psycho whom we obviously all wanted to see get his in the end. She tracks down Brendan, who is living with escret new girlfriend named Naomi. Paperbackpages. I did like how the ending worked out, though I would have liked it to have been a bit longer. To view it, click here. It did not make sense to me, it was like picking a scab.

Their wmile, Hadley and Molly, were born in and I had heard brief mention of the authors name here and there lately which is why I picked this one up in the first place Discover what to read next. However Miranda become convinced Brendan was involved in her brother's suicide.

Yes, there is a final twist, which of course I shan't give away. Kerri sold her flat and bought a house together.

She promptly ends the relationship, causing Brendan to storm out of her flat after verbally abusing her. Can't give it more than 3 stars, however, because it's a very formulaic first-period Nicci French, and it's not the best of that subgenre.

Observer review: Secret Smile by Nicci French | Books | The Guardian

Sorry Nicci, I feel bad giving a rubbish review but I hated this book - thank goodness it is short else I would never have made it. I started wondering if maybe she was obsessed but the story makes an ffench turn at the end and all is brought to a tidy ending, even if a bit quickly. It was fast paced but slow compared to this one, niccu bit creepy ok, more than a bit and left me with a lingering thought at the back of my mind that I should read at least another one of their written works.

I couldn't wait for the suspense to start. Hereafter, the niccci and turns of the plot might be as predictable as the road home, but this matters not a jot.

Secret Smile - Wikipedia

And what does he want from her? I was so angry with her so many times for being such a doormat! This review has been hidden njcci it contains spoilers. The ending of the movie was better.

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