Sir robert anderson the coming prince

The prophecy has suffered nothing from the attacks of its assailants, but much at the hands of its friends. If the Churches are leavened with skepticism at this moment, their neglect of prophetic study in this its true and broader aspect has done more than all the rationalism of Germany to promote the evil. But in the conflict between faith and skepticism within the pale, their sympathies are less divided.

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Andrew Yarbrough rated it liked it Nov 10, It is equally clear that it began shortly before the Passover, The date of it cominb thus be fixed as between August A.

It is all of intrinsic value if indeed it be from God; and moreover, the statement which is pirnce, and which may seem of no importance, may prove to be a link in the chain of truth on which we are depending for eternal life. A Comihg 70th Week.

Is the sacred volume no better than a lottery bag from which blanks and prizes are to be drawn at random, with no power of distinguishing between them till the day when the discovery must come too late!


He had to establish the year, month and day that would begin that countdown for the 70 Weeks. Jul 23, Cris Mcgrath is currently reading it. If everything that Christian writers have written on the subject could be wiped out and forgotten, the fulfillment of the vision, so far as it has been in andsrson fulfilled, would be clear upon the open page of history. And this suggests another ground on which, in our own day especially, prophetic study claims peculiar prominence; namely, the testimony it affords to the Divine character and origin of the Scriptures.

This fact is of immense importance in relation to the Lord's own teaching on the subject. On the one side there may be narrowness, but at anderwon there is honesty; and in such a case surely the moral element is to be considered before a claim to mental vigor and independence can be listened to. Difficult going due to the archaic language in places, but a must-read for anyone interested in eschatology.

Among the foremost three was one of whom the record states that he defended a tract of lentiles, and drove away a troop of the Philistines.

The Coming Prince 4. The New Testament affords abundant proof how unreservedly He enforced it upon His disciples. Putting the matter on the lowest ground, it might be urged that if a knowledge of the past be important, a knowledge of the future must be of far higher value still, in enlarging the mind and raising it above the littlenesses produced by a narrow and unenlightened contemplation of the present. My faith amderson the Book prlnce Daniel, already disturbed by the German infidel crusade of "the Higher Criticism," was thus further undermined.

And the key to this inquiry is the Prophet Daniel's vision of the seventy weeks. This is now become the greatest and most pressing of all questions. Does that sound undesirable? In roberr divine illumination and guidance he made some highly significant discoveries in certain key areas of Bible prophecy where many others had failed.

The Coming Prince

No wonder my most respected conservative scholars highly recommend this book for your library. That being said, every Christian, and especially every Christian who's interested in apologetics defending our faith or eschatology studying the end times and prophecy should get this book and read it.

MelissaPalmer rated it really liked it Oct 30, Others bound themselves by solemn oaths to be serfs to churches or to priests, in hopes of a milder sentence on them as being servants of Christ's servants. As men now judge of revelation, Christianity dwindles down to be nothing but a "plan of salvation" for individuals, and if St.

The Coming Prince – By Sir Robert Anderson

But if he has subscribed andedson a creed, he ought to be careful in taking any such ground. Five lunar months, from the 17th of the second month to the 17th of the 7th month are accounted as days. He was a man devoted to His Saviour and Lord. Daniel had prophesied a coming edict which would "command" the restoration of the city of Jerusalem and specifically the rebuilding of its walls.

If the beginning of Roberh public ministry be fixed upon, difficulties of another kind present themselves.

The Coming Prince - Livros na Amazon Brasil-

The Christianized skeptic of today will soon give place to the Christianized infidel, whose disciples and successors in their turn will be infidels without any gloss of Christianity about them. The old Hebrew Scriptures were thus regarded by those who were the divinely-appointed custodians of them ib. Here he would have seen the exile and nurturing of the woman stated twice using two separate units of time.

Nor was his case exceptional. I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking an understanding of endtime chronology.

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