Examen diagnostico de ingles basico

Already have an account? I have to stop at the flower store on the way home. They might have emotional problems, too. You can have pizza, or for a little more money, you can have a full, five-course Italian dinner Be sure to try some Italian ice cream. We just got back from New York City.

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On Mulberry Street, there are about twenty-five wonderful Chinese restaurants. I hope you have fun in Diagnostkco York City. Instead of taking time to relax or have fun a workaholic works and works. Look at those beautiful flowers! Some of them are a little expensive, but most of them are really cheap.

Test de autoevaluación de inglés

Here are two or three places you must try. Spumoni is my favorite dessert! Examrn Maker Flashcards See All.

If you work all the time instead of doing things with your children, they might end up doing poorly in school. I have to stop at the flower store on the way home.

For acquaintances and superiors, such as a professor or boss, a simple handshake is most common. After dinner, you can go to a classical music concert in Central Park.


I agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy Notice. Go to My Dashboard. I think we need more dictionaries in the library. Mom called last night.

Do you like swimming better than tennis? You may meet Americans who will never touch you, even though they like you a lot.

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If you get tired of the food and the music, there are baseball games at Yankee Stadium and a bawico of places to go shopping. Most Americans show they are interested in what you are saying by nodding and smiling as they diagnosgico. Well, he has two homes, and he drives a very expensive car. Sign In with your ProProfs account. But actually, they are just following one of the conventions of their culture.

You are never around to do things together or to help out at home. I think shopping on the Internet is fun. Do you know who Tania Rodriguez is? Charlesworth makes over a million dollars a year.

exaen Yeah, but I prefer basketball. Would you like to live in a big city? Just north of Chinatown is Little Italy. Please take the quiz to rate it.

They might have emotional problems, too. During the Quiz End of Quiz. I think baseball is boring. Good friends may exchange hugs, kisses, or even friendly punches.

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