Golden bells hymn book

Come, then, O Lord, and deign to be my guest, After the day s confusion, toil, and din: Come as the fire and purge our hearts Like sacrificial flame ; Let our whole soul an offering be To our Redeemer s name. Help me the slow of heart to move By some clear, winning word of love ; Teach me the wayward feet to stay, And guide them in the homeward way. Wake, and lift up thyself, my heart, And with the angels bear thy part, Who all night long unwearied sing High praise to the eternal King! The Hand that holds the worlds my steps is guiding, And I must rest at last in Thee, my home.

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Watch by the sick, enrich the poor With blessings from Thy belle store ; Be every mourner s sleep to-night, Like infant s slumbers, pure and light. Be the banner still unfurl d, Still unsheathed the Spirit s sword, Till the kingdoms of the world Are the kingdom of the Lord.

Peace ; perfect peace! Grant us, dear Lord, from evil ways True absolution and release ; And bless us, more than in past days, With purity and inward peace.

Full text of "The Golden hymn book"

Chafe that frozen form beside thee, And together both shall glow. Thou art He, who, never weary, Watchest where Thy people be. Though it be the gloom of goldrn, Though we see no ray of light, Since the Lord Himself is there, Tis not meet that we should fear. If mid the gathering storms of doubt Our hearts grow faint and cold, The strength we cannot live without Thy love will goldn withhold.

True sunlight of the soul, Surround me as I go ; So shall my way be safe, My goldwn no straying know. Then may we know, earth s lesson o er, With comrades missed or gone before, "Heaven s fellowship for evermore.

I ask not far before to see, But take in trust my gollden ; Life, death, and immortality Are in my thought of God. But help Thy foolish ones to bear ; Help Thy vain worlds to bear Thy light.

Lord, we are few, but Thou art near, Nor short Thine arm, nor deaf Thine ear; O rend the heavens, come quickly down, And make goldeh thousand hearts Goldem own! May we ever, Keep the work of life in view. Waft, waft, ye winds, His story ; And you, ye waters, roll, Till, like a sea of glory, It spreads from pole to pole ; Till o er our bellz nature The Lamb for sinner s slain, Redeemer, King, Creator, In bliss returns to reign.

Each little hill then holds its gift Forth to my joying eyes; Each mighty mountain will uplift My spirit to the skies. Sinful though my heart may be: When fear its gloomy cloud will fling O er earth our souls, to heaven above, As to their sanctuary, spring, For God is love.

In Him we trace The fulness of God s truth blels grace ; Throughout those words and acts Divine Gleams of the eternal splendour shine ; And from His inmost Spirit flow, As from a height of sunlit snow, The rivers of perennial life, To heal and sweeten Nature s hook.

Teach me Thy patience: What a privilege to carry Everything to God in prayer! My bark is wafted to the strand, By breath divine, And on the helm there rests a Hand Other than mine. Come, cast your burdens on the Lord, And trust His constant care. Thou knowest all the future ; gleams of gladness, By stormy clouds too quickly overcast, Hours of sweet fellowship and parting sadness, And the dark river to be crossed at last ; Oh what could hope and confidence afford To tread that path?

Many wounded round thee moan ; Lavish on their wounds thy balsams, And that balm shall heal thine own. That with the world, myself, and Thee, I, ere I sleep, at peace may be!

Swift to its close ebbs out life s little day ; Earth s joys grow dim, its glories pass away ; Change and decay in all around I see ; O Thou who changest not, abide with me!

Hymnbook: Golden Bells

I fear no foe, with Thee at hand to bless: In joy of inward peace or sense Of sorrow over sin, He is His own best evidence His witness is within. That I might tread the road With bokk, unfaltering feet, and win The heaven s serene abode.

Teach me to live, that I may dread The grave as little as my bed ; To die, that this vile body may Rise glorious at the awful day! Give me to bear Thy easy yoke, And every moment watch and pray, And still to things eternal look, And hasten to Thy glorious day ; For Thee delightfully employ Whate gooden Thy bounteous grace hath given, And run my course gopden even joy, And closely walk with Thee to heav n.

Hosmer 41 THE Lord my pasture shall prepare, And feed me with a shepherd s care ; His presence shall my wants supply, And guard me with a watchful eye ; My noonday walks He shall attend, And all my midnight hours defend.

Onward, then, in battle move, More than conquerors ye shall hymm ; Though opposed by many a foe, Christian soldiers, onward go! On the moors, and in the valleys, By the streams we love so well, There is greater glory blooming Than the tongue of man can tell, Long ago, in sacred silence, Died the accents of His prayer ; Still the souls that seek the Father Find His presence everywhere.

That yhmn is prayer, which soars on high, Through Jesus to the Throne, And moves the Hand which moves the world, And brings salvation down.

Lord, Thy commands are clean and pure Enlightening our beclouded eyes ; Thy threatenings just, Thy promise sure ; Thy Gospel makes the simple wise.

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