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Hi, I have read a really informed thread regarding crossing into the US from Canada however I just have 2 specific questions regarding documentation. The reverse side of this form must be signed and dated. Not affiliated with any government agency. Thanks both for your replies, that really helps. The answers I have furnished are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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I'd rather get there at some ungodly hour and arrive at Buffalo airport too early than risk missing the flight. The IW process itself doesn't take long; it's the wait that's unpredictable. You are authorized to stay in the U. He will stay in the US for another 2 weeks or so returning to Germany by air with the rest of his class.

Retrieved July 8, Firm Read Edit View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All hotels in Niagara Falls By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Customs and Border Protection CBPthat processes entries and exits at ports of entry land, sea, and air as well as deferred inspection sites.

You might want to ask your tour; presumably they've dealt with this before as the Visa Waiver Program applies to travellers from over 30 countries.

Typed instructions from the form above are provided below just in case you can't read it properly in the scanned image. As I understand it, I will need a notarized letter from k-94w german student's parents along with his passport to cross into Canada.

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Note that OFO is distinct from the United States Border Patrolwhose responsibility is to patrol the rest of the border to monitor for unauthorized border-crossing. Violation of these terms will subject you to deportation. Children under the age of fourteen must have their form signed by a parent or guardian. The same limited number of officers handle IWs, other types forj visas, and customs clearance.

You may not accept unauthorized employment; or attend school; or represent the foreign information media during your visit under formm program.

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What if my Form I has been lost, stolen, mutilated, or destroyed? If you have any comments regarding the burden estimate you can write to U. An agency may not conduct or sponsor an information collection and a person is not required to respond to this information unless it displays a current valid Ofrm control number.

Paperwork Reduction Act Statement: Citizenship and Immigraiton Services. Disclaimer Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Department of Homeland Security U.

Customs and Border Protection. Canada or USA Side 8: See All Niagara Falls Conversations.

I-94W form and ESTA - Niagara Falls Forum

The court will decide th To remain past this date, without permission from Department of Homeland Security authorities, is a violation of the law. You can download the Form I here. The rollout schedule was as follows: This is an advertisement.

This could be due to missing documentation, need for further review of the case, need for a maintenance of status and departure bond, or other similar reasons. Archived from the original on What if my Form I has incorrect information on it?

The information solicited on this form may be made available to other government agencies for law enforcement purposes or to assist DHS in determining your admissibility.

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