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How to use our free PDF. We can use the keyword "extends" to extend either two classes or two interfaces. Sun Certification is no longer available.

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How to use our free PDF. Thrown programmatically when code tries to reference a fi le that does not exist. Predicate test method returns a Boolean so C and D are incorrect. Option A is incorrect mava there is no such a constructor which takes two Instant objects for Duration class.

At line 7, a NullPointerException will be thrown since i is not initialized. Dumps might help you to get through the exam. C is incorrect as we can't extend more than one class in java.

An exception could be thrown at runtime. Working with inheritance - implement inheritance Q4. Get a feel for the types and difficulty of the questions you will see on the exam. Compilation fails due to error at line 4. The dum;s you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

So the answer is E, if you remove line 7 then code will compile fine and provide output as error so in that case answer would be D.

So option A is correct. Multiple interfaces can be implemented by class or mava but not multiple classes. Choose three legal identifiers.

A is incorrect as we tried to implement an abstract class, but the abstract class should be extended. Anitha, I'm sorry to hear about the outcome of your exam.

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Java Basics - Define the scope of variables Q9. IllegalArgumentException A is correct. In the block form, dump body is evaluated like a method body and a return statement returns control to the caller of the anonymous method. A or should it be C? The answer to question 3 on the sample questions is A.

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B is incorrect as there we haven't use curly braces. Knowledge of concepts will help in your day to day work life. Compilation fails due to error on line 5. Also we can't use any reserved keyword for variable name. We can use the keyword "implements" to implement an interface to a class.

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Thrown by the JVM when there is a null reference where an object is required. Indexing of array elements begin with zero. Thrown by the JVM when an attempt is made to cast an exception to a subclass of which it is not an instance NullPointerException: Also you can omit the data type of the parameters in a lambda expression. Hence E is incorrect as "new" is reserved keyword.

Hello Alex, Thanks for your feedback. Here line 7 causes the failure.

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