La conspiracion de cristo

Murdock's scholarship was shoddy throughout: Specifically designed for Christians, and using mainly Christian texts and authorities, this ebook starts out recounting the story of Christ, followed by a short discussion of each of the other gospels and the concept of "textual harmonization. Open Preview See a Problem? First, Muslim writings do indeed refer to these three cities, but say they are west of the Hijaz region — not in the western Hijaz region of Arabia.

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Just rent the movie. View all 5 comments. At that point, a great deal of credibility was lost.

When examining the claims, every so-called proof against the scriptures fell short. Massey and Frazer both make radical claims that differ greatly from what is known and verified by actual evidence, yet Murdock quotes both as sources for her evidence.

The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold

No trivia or quizzes yet. Begin to dispel the 'master fictions' of our society. The goal is to send would-be critics into duck and cover.

Why have scholars over the past several centuries recognized important similarities between Buddhism and Christianity, including between their alleged founders' lives?

Acharya S sources "scholars" of disputable reputation such as Kersey Graves and no less than theosophist Helena Blavatsky. Specifically designed for Christians, and using mainly Christian texts and authorities, this ebook starts out recounting the story of Christ, followed by a short discussion of each of crristo other gospels and the concept of "textual harmonization. If your comfortable with your absurd myths, and they give you a psychological pillow to rest your lazy head Basically, the book shows that most religions are based on astrotheology-- basing the gods on astrology and astronomy.

As far as this book is concerned, painful to read because she presents research data and historical records in a dry context. Conspiraciion powerful book maintains that these groups drew upon a multitude of myths and rituals that already existed long before the Christian era and reworked them into the story the Christian religion presents today -- known to most Westerners as the Bible. What I did read was semi-interesting, most I read about previously.

The majority of these characters were personifications cristi the ubiquitous solar myth, whose adventures were well known, as consspiracion in the stories of such popular deities as Mithra, Hercules, Dionysus and many others throughout the Roman Empire and conspiracoon.

The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold by D.M. Murdock

Conspiradion and try again. La autora tiene evidentemente cuentas que saldar con el cristianismo y esto afecta, profundamente a su punto de partida y conclusiones. Cristina rated it really liked it Mar 21, Apr 26, Jose Vidal rated it it was ok Shelves: What about women and religion?

The 5 Love Languages: The Bible may have been fictionalized or perhaps not. Murdoc Reviews of books like these tend to be coloured a lot by the personal views of the reader - a Christian believer will rate it low, because it conflicts with the believer's stances, an atheist will rate it high, because it confirms and agrees with the atheist's view of the origins of the major religions of the west.

Erik marked it as to-read Oct 02, But were such charges of forgery appropriate and based on a thorough scientific investigation? But such an important topic needs far more solid legs in serious debate than will be found in this book. I find it undeniable that He also makes the connection between Jesus and other pagan gods—a so-called fact often repeated by Massy followers. May 18, Philip rated it it was amazing. Who was Jesus Christ, and why there is no historical or archaeological record of his existence?

The main premise is that "The gospel story of Jesus is not a factual portrayal of a historical 'master' who walked the earth 2, years ago but a myth built upon other myths and godmen, who in turn were personifications of the ubiquitous solar mythos and ritual found in countless cultures around the world crristo of years before the Christian era.

As a young man, he "proclaimed himself to be an atheist and several times tried to shock an audience by calling on God to strike him dead. Or was he something altogether different?

The accounts of forgery, blackmail, and bloodshed that occurred as a result of "historicizing" an actual person called Jesus was of particular interest; however, I would like to see more sources on the matter.

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