Saxophone altissimo finger chart

We respect your privacy. GM T f——— ——— Good for alto. However as it is PAL format it may not be compatible with some older U.

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Requires fast air stream. T 1—3 Bb 1——. Yes, please subscribe me your mailing list. Thanks for signing up.

Altissimo Chart for Yamaha YTS-32 Tenor Saxophone

T D 12— Bb — T Eb D —2— —2—. Donations are not compulsory, but are very much appreciated in return for the work we do creating the site and resources.

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JY T f—23 1—— Useful for alto. GM T f——— ——— Good for alto. This is a common issue and affects all downloads, not just our products.

Fingering chart – Altissimo register

Yes No, everything should be free No, I am too mean to even consider a small donation Other. VK T ——3 C —— For tenor. Saxophone Instruction DVD region compatibility.

T 1—3 Bb ———. Submit a fingering for this note or for a higher note. I would like to be on the occasional mailing list, which qualifies me to receive downloads and and receive news of more downloads etc. TY T 1—3 Bb 1—3 Good for alto. Do you sell outside the UK?

T 1—3 G Bb ———. But the fingerings for GA, and A on the chart can also be voiced higher. A good question, to which the answer might be yes and no.

Saxophone Altissimo

If not, it should still work on any computer with DVD drive anywhere in the world. I have read the privacy policy and I will be able to opt out. T ——3 C ———.

T 1—3 Bb 1—— Eb. T Eb D ——3 ———. PH T f——3 ——— For tenor.

T 1—3 C —2—. T f— Bb —— ———.

Lower Altissimo - Alternate Fingering Chart for Saxophone - The Woodwind Fingering Guide

Works well in chromatic passages and fingr combination with F6 T f1—— ——— and F 6 T f1—— f ——. TM T ——3 ——— Good for tenor. We respect your privacy. T f——— Bb ———. I did not receive the email with with my download link. The 10th harmonic on C 4. T C ———.

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