Transcriptor first strand cdna synthesis kit roche

Why request a quote through SelectScience? Our integrated compare feature allows cross-brand comparison and will provide you with the essential attributes needed to select the right kit or reagent. To this reaction mixture, the following reverse transcription components were added:

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Everything required to carry out the reverse transcription is included in the kit Transcriptor reverse transcriptase, Transcriptor RT reaction buffer, Protector RNase Inhibitor, Deoxynucleotide mix, anchored oligo dT 18 primer and random hexamer primer. The only dtrand disadvantage is that the cDNA product is limited to 20 ul. Electrophoresis Additives Gels All Products.

Is this product missing protocols or other valuable information? The turnaround time however is rapid and the protocols included in the kit are easy to follow. This allows the frst to validate the kit and methodology before moving on to precious RNA samples.

Order Roche Life Science's Transcriptor First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit on ZAGENO

Our integrated compare feature allows cross-brand comparison and will provide you with the essential attributes needed to select the right kit or reagent. The reaction components were carefully mixed by inverting and centrifuged briefly to collect the sample.

Why request a quote through SelectScience? For transcriphor manufacturer information and appropriate research, browse the attached protocols, SDSs, publications, and handbooks located at the bottom of each product page. Obtain cDNA transcripts up to 14 kb.

Transcriptor First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit From Roche

The supplier does not provide quotations for this particular product through SelectScience. Flexibility Use three different priming methods — random hexamers, anchored-oligo dT 18, and sequence-specific primers — depending on the type of analysis needed. Want to Write Reviews for Biocompare? The Bottom Line A atrand, easy to use kit with high quality, consistent results.

Each troubleshoot lists the potential problem, cause, and solution; enabling full comprehension of any errors and the required steps to fix them. Generate efficient qPCR curves, with high fluorescence intensity and identical distances between RNA dilutions, allowing a straightforward analysis of results.

Be the first to review this product. Two alternative protocols are supplied with the kit, allowing the user to use either anchored oligo dT 18random hexamer or sequence specific primers independently, or alternatively a combination of anchored oligo dT 18 and random hexamer primers, allowing for a reaction with increased sensitivity.

We offer reagents and kits from the entire Life Science Research Industry, across almost all brands and applications. Wednesday, May 20, Cloning genes of interest.

Save time Submit your details once strad make multiple inquiries. Get your experiment back on track!

The kit contains all components required for cDNA reactions for use with conventional thermal cyclers and real-time PCR instruments.

Main Features of this Research Product - Scientifically developed for First-strand cDNA synthesis, yet is additionally pertinent to the protocols mentioned below.

The reaction is sensitive enough to reverse transcribe 10 ng to 5 ug of total RNA or 1 to ng of mRNA starting material. Cloning genes of int In addition, all reaction components required are included in the kit, which can be bought in both and reaction sizes. You can search for similar products in our product directory.

Transcriptor First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit From Roche | Biocompare Product Review

Roche Life Science designed the research kit for experimental processes such as reverse transcription of cDNA and the creation of starting material for cloning, but it is also suited to other lab techniques, including those demonstrated in published research papers.

Firts is possible to generate cDNA transcripts up to 14 kb using either random hexamer primers, anchored oligo dT 18 primers both included in the kit or user-supplied sequence specific primers. In addition, the reaction pack size includes 10 control reactions.

Downstream Lab Experiments After use, it may be necessary to carry out further experiments. Generate full-length transcripts with the anchored-oligo dT 18 primer that is included in the kit.

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