El evangelio segun jesucristo saramago

Saramago no es mi autor favorito. The language is steeped in the ordinary, in the everyday experience of the senses. Return to Book Page.

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El Evangelio según Jesucristo by José Saramago (2 star ratings)

His story is more about about the ordinary, day to day existence with the joys, sorrows, confusion, etc. Near the end, Jesus asks God to tell Him what will happen after the former's death on the cross. But there remains a sense of the extraordinary, wonder to the story and a dark foreboding cloud lies over the entire novel. I rate it 2 and that's for the example of what a book written on such a subject shouldn't be like Well, it's always risky to rewrite a religious story and I am of the opinion that i I feel very mixed about this book.

Nobel prize de Literatura the Gospel according to Jesus Christ responds the desire of a man and a writer to excavate until the roots of the own civilization, in the mystery of its tradition, to extract the essential questions Religion in this novel is generally portrayed as a brutal, ignorant force.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. What's wrong with you people giving stars to this book!?!

El Evangelio según Jesucristo

Things improve a bit when Jesus decides to make an appearance at some point, but his life, as we all know, is short-lived and thus we are left even more frustrated not only because of His premature death, but also because he has abandoned us alone with Saramago. This is the story of the life of Jesus, but the first third or more focused on Joseph of Nazareth.

From inside the book. I also couldn't quite figure out why he wrote it--it didn't seem like a book written evangeloi Not for me. This book made me think "ooh, isn't this author smart" but I felt nothing for the characters.

Non ci sono praticamente capoversi, i dialoghi sono intervallati da virgole senza andare a capo, se superano le tre-quattro battute sembra di leggere l'equivalente letterario di una partita di ping-pong. Just a few pages in, Saramago's narrator claims that Jesus jesucristl mistaken to forgive the repentant thief while condemning the other thief on the cross.

Nobel prize de Literatura the Gospel according to Jesus Christ responds the desire of a man and a writer to excavate until the roots of the own civilization, in the mystery of its tradition, to extract the essential questions. I wanted to read a first person account of the jeuscristo of Jesus Christ, and the book definitely didn't delivered that They could have at least battled it out or something, but then again, win or lose, God would have jesufristo about it for all eternity and who has patience for ek

Aug 11, Amida Lechuga rated it it was ok. And as for the Holy Spirit, well, He is hinted at as an impersonal force rather than a divine person. The final chapter, which is written in a superb manner. Not the typical story of Jesus and the holy family at least not the one I grew up with.

The story explores some deep things, like hypocrisy and guilt. In my copy there is even the engraving at the first …more No, he is describing this engraving by Albrecht Durer: Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in Do you know Jesus Christ? But alas, I have given up my intellectual pretenses and have accepted that I'm a hopeless evwngelio.

Although he wrote his first novel inhe waited some 35 years before winning critical acclaim for work such as the Memorial do Convento. And that's saying a lot because the main character is Jesus Christ, who you'd think would be a pretty dynamic character.

His works, some of which can be seen as allegories, commonly present subversive perspectives on historic events, emphasizing the human factor rather than the officially sanctioned story. I feel like I should be ashamed of this.

Instead, I felt like I was reading a report, a hampered journalistic account of the book's events. This last criticism is more a matter of personal taste, but given how big a role it played jesucrisro my reading of the book, I have to mention it: This was for a book club, and it was suggested by a friend who sang high praises of this author.

Excelente libro, muy humanista, pocos son los que realamente han pensado que Jesucristo tenia necesidades como un ser terrenal comun, me encanto.

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