Happiness at work srikumar rao

But acclaimed business school Professor Srikumar Rao says that we can learn to create joy no matter what else may be going on around us. The same feeling should be extended to employees, vendors, shareholders and society at large. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. After taking my class, many students pursued entrepreneurial ventures.

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If they pour all their emotional energy into getting that "big" client they are more likely to burn out and eventually fail. This could be a wonderful opportunity.

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A goal is an outcome and reaching it is beyond our control. Shocked is perhaps too strong a word, but I was initially very surprised indeed at how many outwardly "successful" individuals were actually insecure and emotional basket cases.

Plug into your hard-wired happiness for lifelong growth and uncommon impact. The flaw in setting goals is making your happiness depend on achieving your goals: Apr 13, J. In terms of companies, they must stand for something bigger. You can have all of them and be miserable and you can have none of them and be deeply fulfilled.

From business executives to the everyday Joe or Jane, everyone seems to be going through a rough economic and personal crunch.

I may actually take his class now that happineds offers it outside of MBA programs just so I can join the alumni association!

Nov 01, AndreaZ rated it it was amazing.

Happiness at Work - an interview with Srikumar S. Rao

Be a daruma doll and cut the drama out! Today, our top business schools are not educational institutions as much as they are indoctrination institutions. If you happienss, wonderful. Rao then has them construct a different reality: Good books filled with positive ways of getting happiness at work.

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Srikumar Rao on Happiness at Work | GGM

If you don't, still wonderful. Overall a good book.

My vision is that you, me and everyone lives a life in zt there are large dollops of joy, that we find a deep sense of meaning in what we do and enjoy each day as it comes and goes. Professor Rao has basically translated the teachings of Srimadbhagvadgita into this book.

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I hope your book inspires others to follow their unique path. My job, my prestigious MBA, my wealth define me.

I was given a free copy of Dr. However, "Are you ready to suceed" is a book that I have highlighted multiple times, worm the binding is falling off because I have spent so much time reading, re-reading, and skimming parts of it.

We tend to live in a goal-oriented frame of mind where we "succeed" if we achieve our goal and life is great or we "fail" if we don't reach it and life is terrible. Are you going to make your happiness contingent on getting something you may or may not get, and which you might lose once you get it? The author advocates things like meditation, being mindful of your emotions, and watching how your environment affects your emotional state. He talks about workplace motivation, how senior executives become more You are playing a role, but you are not the role.

Happiness at Work - an interview with Srikumar S. Rao

You and your mental framework. When asked whether people should set goals, Dr. Get the science of a meaningful life delivered to your inbox.

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