Jason vale 7lbs in 7 days

Thanks for the renewed motivation I needed: I have finished the 7 days and I feel great and lost weight. Try not to plan anything too strenuous during your cleanse week! I am so desperate for crunch that I eat my salad provided for the flight home airline food is not part of the Juice Master plan on the drive to the airport.

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I love this book because of the way Jason Vale writes it. Reply Sally April 27, at Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Reply Nicola May 21, at What a load of crap!

I went to bed early and fell asleep within seconds. Good book, and apparently a good idea, but I couldn't stand the diet.

'Seven pounds in 7 days? I drink the green juice and think of my thighs. . .’

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I have two of dayss guy friends doing it to that have never done one and they are also feeling great.

I have the same name as you and have only met one other person in my life with that name, spelt the same. Thank dayss so much for sharing…. The first time i followed this plan, I followed it to the letter, and lost an amazing 14lbs in 7 days - yes, a stone.

Mar 23, Emma-Jane rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've read comments that to follow this is expensive, but I used it as an opportunity to start supporting my local grocery stores and found that actually the cost is surprising low.

I hope I'll be able to do this on my own though. Reply Foxy August 4, at It's not really a recipe book though He has been described as 'the UK's Antony Robbins' and 'the Jamie Oliver of the health and juicing world', and famously helped Jordon lose two stone in three months on his Superjuice Diet.

Yes, the Turbo Charge Plan is great, as you can combine juices with a healthy and lean diet, much easier — and also a great way to ease yourself into a wholly juice plan, if you wanted to try it later on.

Anneli Bush - Review: Jason Vale 7-Day Juice Cleanse - Anneli Bush

You can prepare your juices the evening before, to save time in the mornings! I am officially a persuaded party to the juicing life style.

Hope it goes well in the lead up to your wedding congratulations by the way! Reply calling list August 7, at DAY 2 The morning juice tasted much better with only one teaspoon wheatgrass thank god! More from the web. Reply Bo Wong March 3, at I want to try the diet and I think that I will!!

'Seven pounds in 7 days? I drink the green juice and think of my thighs. . .’ - Telegraph

I could rant more about how dumb this book is but its not worth my time. Please drop me a comment if you have any other questions about the juicing, or just general feedback! I read this cover to cover in 2 days.

Im on day 2 now and finding it tough already clearly a lightweight: My stomach felt a lot flatter. I didn't buy the CDs, charts, etc. Once back, however, I find I have lost five pounds and my friends comment on how bright my skin looks. Easy and fun read, life changing experience when juicing was introduced into my every day! At the onset, I had about 10 pounds which my doctor recommended losing to get back within an acceptable BMI and another pounds of "vanity" weight I'd like to lose the idea of which Did this work?

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